August 8, 2011


This is my submission for the Quotography photo challenge at {My} Perspective.  This is a picture of my nephew ALEX.  He is, as you can see, all eyes!  I love this shot of him.  Not only is he super cute but such a good kid.  A little fresh at times but really such a sweet boy.  I say this because you should see him with Alivia (my one year old).  He is so good with her. 

Quotography at {My}Perspective


  1. What a great shot - and great quote. He does have beautiful eyes.

  2. I LOVE this! Great shot, so dramatic in B&W! The quote is perfect and so beautiful!
    Thank you for visiting me @ Chasing Rainbows and your lovely comment. I tried to see if you had entered the LIM Summer. I found your strawberries, they are gorgeous, so lovely!


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