January 25, 2013

Back to patching (another intermittent exotropia update)

Alivia had her Ophthalmologist appointment on Tuesday.  This time, however, I was able to prepare her for it.  I talked to her about it in advance hoping it would make her more comfortable with taking the eye tests.  I had always talked to her in advance before her other appointments but, this time at almost 2 and half years old, she was finally old enough to understand.  As I put my makeup on at the bathroom sink her repetitive “no mama, no doctor” soon turned to “doctor check Livi’s eyes” and “doctor make eyes better”!  I can’t believe how much she was getting it!  And just incase the talk in advance wasn’t enough, I had another trick up my sleeve.  This time, Auntie Lola would accompany us to the appointment.  I knew Livi would be happy about this.  Before I go into detail about the appointment, you may want to get caught up HERE about Livi’s intermittent exotropia also know as strabismus.

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