November 8, 2011

New Pics... It's like magic

If you can believe it, these pictures were taken last week when the power went out.  Yes, and I'm just getting around to posting them.  We were actually lucky though.  We got our electricity back on Sunday night (a mere 24 hours without it).  Unfortunately NO phones, TV, or internet until Wednesday afternoon (5 days later).  It was a fabulous excuse to take pictures!  Not like I need an excuse!  I just look over and see the most adorable face EVER and BAM - I'm inspired!  It's like magic, it's that easy.  BAM being the equivalent of ABRA-CADABRA of course :o)

Even with the sun streaming in just about every window of the house, I had to up my ISO to 3200 in some of these pictures depending on where Alivia was in the room.  Our living room and kitchen are large so even if you are only in the middle of the room it is still quite far from the window light.  I'm happy to report my camera handles noise quite well and that I was able to correct the particularly noisy pictures in PhotoShop Elements (PSE).  PSE removes noise nicely especially considering I am NOT shooting in RAW yet and only have so much tweaking room for a JPG file. 

October 21, 2011

My 'Edit Me' recipe

I'm linking up to the Edit Me photo challenge and am VERY excited!  Okay, when am I not excited?  I know, I know.  I just love the Edit Me photo challenge!  Yes I say this every time I participate, but I can't help myself!  This week's photo was provided by Kristi at live and love out loud.  I was a little intimidated by such a gorgeous subject and great SOOC shot!  The only thing I wanted to better, was to make her REALLY pop.  I think the contrast boost, sharpening, and conversion to black & white really worked.

September 27, 2011

New Pics (Week 12)... to Calibrate or NOT to Calibrate

I don't have any followers or much traffic on my blog, but I was hoping that the little traffic I do have will participate in my poll (top right sidebar):  Are you working with a calibrated monitor?

How many of you photographers are working with a calibrated monitor?  I wonder just how important it is. 
I'm thinking it's pretty important if you want to print out pictures that are true to what you are seeing on your screen especially when you've put in the time to color balance/correct them.  It is both frustrating and disappointing when an image prints completely different than how you were seeing it.  I don't actually own a desktop so I'm currently editing and organizing photos on my hp laptop which is not calibrated.  I don't believe you can calibrate a laptop but please correct me if I'm wrong and I truly hope I am.  It would save me a lot of money.
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