November 8, 2011

New Pics... It's like magic

If you can believe it, these pictures were taken last week when the power went out.  Yes, and I'm just getting around to posting them.  We were actually lucky though.  We got our electricity back on Sunday night (a mere 24 hours without it).  Unfortunately NO phones, TV, or internet until Wednesday afternoon (5 days later).  It was a fabulous excuse to take pictures!  Not like I need an excuse!  I just look over and see the most adorable face EVER and BAM - I'm inspired!  It's like magic, it's that easy.  BAM being the equivalent of ABRA-CADABRA of course :o)

Even with the sun streaming in just about every window of the house, I had to up my ISO to 3200 in some of these pictures depending on where Alivia was in the room.  Our living room and kitchen are large so even if you are only in the middle of the room it is still quite far from the window light.  I'm happy to report my camera handles noise quite well and that I was able to correct the particularly noisy pictures in PhotoShop Elements (PSE).  PSE removes noise nicely especially considering I am NOT shooting in RAW yet and only have so much tweaking room for a JPG file. 
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