August 25, 2011

Blog Hoppin' & A very random note to Livvy

Linking up to the Before & After Blog Hop over at Pixel Perfect.

I've attached my original, clean edit, and final below.

Camera Settings for SOOC:   Shutter Speed-200  ISO-400   Aperture-f/5.6   Focal Length-45 mm

I used Picnik to clean it up.  I adjusted the shadows, brightened eyes, and wrinkle remover for under her eyes.  I still wasn't happy with the color of her skin as it tended to photograph neon.  Normally I would have desaturated a bit but I didn't have to.  Instead...

...I brought it into PSE and used an action from the Coffee House Decaf collection that I purchased from Paint the Moon called Biscotti which toned her skin color down a bit.  I sharpened it for the web and used the twinkle eye action to lighten her irises a bit (also from Paint the Moon) and then applied the CoffeeShop Blog's Color Bar Template which I'm loving!

I think the best pictures I've taken to date have been outside on a cloudy day using natural light.  I think I've really mastered camera settings for an overcast day.  The sun, however, is an entirely different story.  I need to practice more.  I guess I'm just going to have to take more pictures.  Darn, I hate that ;o)

WARNING: Mushy text coming up
A random note to my baby:

It took me years and years to figure out what I was good at.

Then you were born.

And every second of every hour of every day, I was doing something I wasn't only good at but was ridiculously great at and without even realizing it.

I was,

still am,

and always will be
loving you.

And can you imagine that with time I will only get better?

That's just crazy talk ;o)


  1. What a gorgeous baby girl. Good to eat! Joke. I like your edit. It is nice to learn of other actions bloggers use. Have a great day.

    Thank you for the visit and the comment. x

  2. I'm kinda surprised that you're still using Picnik for cleanup instead of importing straight into PSE. Either way, they look good. :)

  3. The last shot is my favorite! Love the coloring! She is adorable!!

  4. She is so so cute, love your edits!

  5. She is absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing your edits!


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