August 10, 2011

Edit Me

Yay it's Wednesday.  And why am I so excited?  Because today the linky for the Edit Me photo challenge opens!  I was a little hesitant with this weeks photo because it was already so lovely.  How could I make it better?  Then I realized I don't have to make it better, just different. 

After playing around with it in PSE, I sort of stumbled on an edit that I liked, but I still wasn't completely satisfied with it.  What was it missing?  Perhaps a texture?  I haven't used one in awhile so why not?  I added a very cool rock texture that I purchased from Paint the Moon awhile ago and voila!  I'm pretty happy with it.  I had to finish off with one of my vintage frames from Paint the Moon also. 

I'm excited to see everyone elses entries!

Picture provided by My Reflection of Something (SOOC):

And my edited version:
Although, I do like it unframed also!

My Reflection of Something


  1. I do like the added texture. It strengthens the photos original emotion of moving out of the storm and into the light.

    Thanks for your kind comments regarding my original shot. Soo kind.

  2. What a really cool edit! I like the texture of it and the cool frame!

  3. the frame adds a great touch. your edit is gorgeous. love the texture and the whole feel of it. very nice!

  4. Love the processing work and I love it framed.

  5. I love the processing! Great job!

  6. this looks like a old photo.. with that beautiful golden color and love how you gave depth to the clouds.

  7. thanks for stoping over at my edit. I like yours, looks like an old painting. see u next week!

  8. WOW! This is a truly wonderful edit! The texture and the frame are a perfect touch! I really love how you brought out the warmer tones as well! Great job!


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