August 29, 2011

New Pics (Week 9)... Just 5

...Cause I only have 5 pictures to share today. 

So can you believe that all this time, at least for months now, I had the ability to maintain the quality of my images while still being able to resize for blog posts?  When I purchased the Miracle Makeover actions from Paint the Moon awhile back, it came with two web resize actions.  One converts an image to 500 px and the other to 900 px.  There is a VERY noticeable difference between using these actions to resize and just letting Blogger do it.  It's amazing!  I wanted to share the differences with you below.  My first picture was resized using the action, the second one was resized by Blogger (yuck).  The ones that were automatically resized became a little blurry and, more annoyingly, pixelated.  It's horrible!  Thanks again Pain the Moon!  Seriously, you made my year!

Next time, I'll have to go a bit more subtle with the eye pop and twinkle eyes actions.  I can't resist using them!  They are my favorite!  I'm liking the first one, but the whites of her eyes in the second picture are TOO white.  I also lightened her irises a bit too much in the third one.  Although it is the correct color of her eyes, I feel like it looks a little unnatural (I do see what my sister means).  There is a reason why eyes photograph in different shades and levels of brightness.  Eyes can look like a completely different color and/or intensity depending on how the light is hitting you. 

And linking up to the I Heart Faces photo challenge.  The theme is white. 


  1. Isn't Paint the Moon amazing?!? There really is a difference in those pics!

  2. Very cute pictures...however, you should have only one image in your blog to be eligible for the I Heart Faces contest.


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