August 2, 2011

New Pics (Week 6)... New Frames

New frames for PSE!  Woo hoo!

Can you believe I had a birthday party and trip to Laconia this weekend with not one picture to show?  I took my camera but didn't snap one shot.  Not one!  I'm a little disappointed in myself.  I was having such a great time socializing and playing with Alivia that I didn't want to step away not even for a second.  Does that ever happen to you?  No matter how passionate you are about photography?  I've been so busy lately that trying to process what could have easily been hundreds of pictures would have only given me anxiety anyway.  I've been trying to focus more on Alivia and I have to admit it's been working out well.   

I'm watching Alivia right now as I write this post and she is rubbin' her eyes and sucking her thumb while trying to stay awake for Sesame Street to see Zoey and Rosita pretend to be the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.  I guess I should wrap this up and put the little one down for a nap. 

- Until tomorrow.
Love this frame, but the shadow on the bottom of it doesn't look right.  Things that make you go hmmmmm...

The right side and bottom of this Polaroid doesn't look quite right either.  I luv this pic though!


  1. These are such sweet shots. I'm loving the frames.

  2. To answer your question on my blog...I have white poster board that I'll throw up if I want a clean white background.

  3. She's adorable... And yes, I sometimes don't take a ton of pictures.

    Marla @


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