June 8, 2012

New Pics… Some painted piggies

Who doesn’t love piggies?  I can’t get enough of them!  When you add polish, though, it just makes them that more appetizing!  I polished Livvy’s toes for the first time on Wednesday.  She was so good staying still for her Mommy.  I only applied one coat and then she sat still and watched me blow on her toes to help them dry.  I even filled up the sink with VERY cold water for her to soak them in to really make sure they were dried good.  In case you are wondering, I learned this little trick in nail school a long long long time ago.  Did I mention it was a LONG time ago?  No, seriously though, it works awesome.  I highly recommend this method.  I do it for my own toes when I give myself a pedicure.  In fact the colder the water, the better it works at drying the polish.  And it’s also supposed to be running water which is what I use for myself.

So, anyhow, this picture was only taken a day later and she already had chips in the polish.  See that’s what happens when you skip the top coat.  Too funny!  It’s amazing how hard toddlers are on there little baby toddler feet. 

Now she shows her toes off to anyone that comes across her path.  “See” she’ll say “piggy toes pretty”.  She cracks me up!  She is turning out to be such a girlie girl. 

009 RSWM

011 RSWM

012 RSWM

028 RSWM

018 RSWM

I’m linking up the shot below to the following photo challenges.  This was one of my favorites of the week not including any of the shots that had Alivia in them of course! 

Beach Shot RSWM

the long road

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  1. Love the painted piggies - I need to try it! Excellent ocean shot too!

  2. Your little one is so cute! Love the pink and red dress! They do love to look pretty!!!!

  3. Fantastic photos! Your little girl is so precious! My daughter use to love getting her piggies painted at that age...she still does! :-)

  4. LOVE! When Maren was her age, she called her toes "piggies" and the big one "the market" like "this little piggie goes to market". always cracked me up. Loved your little one's painted piggies. She is such a sweetie! And, I love the cold water trick. Had no idea!

  5. I have some piggies to paint too! But your babies, I mean TODDLER's piggies are just precious!! As is she, as always.

  6. Awww... I want some cute lil piggies to paint! She is just as cute as a button, & as always, these are amazing captures.

  7. Oh my how she is cute ♥ Wonderful photos!

  8. your daughter is just adorable Elena! those curls...oh my goodness! beautiful photos. :)

  9. I just painted Ellie's toes too (for the first time)! She loves them! She literally squeals everytime she looks down and sees them! :-)


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