June 4, 2012

New Pics… So here’s what we know

Alivia loves being outside.  She loves playing with the sand, but not standing in it even with shoes on.  We had to lay a towel on the sand for her to feel comfortable sitting in it.  When she got even a speck of sand on her feet she’d demand us to “wife” her feet.  That’s not a typo.  She pronounces “wipe” as “wife”.  She likes the warm ocean water but absolutely loves the pool!  She likes Mommy and Daddy to pull her around in her floatie.  She also likes to lean back in her float just enough to be able to kick up her feet comfortably and show off her pruned little piggy toes!  She loves sunhats and sunglasses and wears them well!  She loves her pink crocs and Little Swimmer pull-up diapers!  Hmmmm, what else?  She loves her Daddy!  She got to spend so much time with him while we were away on vacation!  It was so nice seeing them play and interact with each other.  I love the way she looks at him with such love in her eyes.  You can see that she feels so safe and secure in his arms.  I am going to write a post about this separately because I have some great pictures of the two of them together.  Today, however, I wanted to share some pool pictures.  Our pool in FL was so beautiful!  It was pristine, heated, and deserted (just the way we like it).  Nothing like having a HUGE pool to yourself!  Boy did we pick the perfect week to vacation in Sarasota.

You got to love the pony tail her Daddy put in her hair!  Way to go Daddy!  And this bathing suit is one of my favorites!  I like how it kept her extra protected from the sun!  I love the colors on her too!  Thank you Hanna Andersson







Look at that tongue!  Oooooo, I just want to eat her for dessert!




And look at these curls on the back of her neck!  How sweet is my baby?



And, my mother and step-dad!  How cute are they?



I love when my mom winks at me!  I don’t know what it is.  It makes me feel like a kid again.  Like she is thinking of me as a kid!  I just love it!  Well that and I’m jealous.  I really can’t wink.  I look a little special when I try to do it.  It looks like I’m trying to get something out of my eye.  It’s very sexy.  LOL!


I’m linking up the photo below to the following Photo Challenges.  I love this shot of my baby!  Look at those gorgeous eyelashes!


Sweet Shot Day   

I’m linking up the photo below to the Black and White Wednesday Photo Challenge over at Me as a Mother.  I hope it’s okay that I didn’t take this photo.  The hubby took this incredible shot of Alivia and it’s by far one of my favorite pictures from our vacation.  He took it with his camcorder.  I can’t say enough about this photo!  The lighting was just perfect.  I love the shading on her face, the messed up pigtails, and the look she is giving the camera!  For some reason it just cried out for a black and white conversion!


I had to attach a color shot too!


Black and White Wednesday

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  1. lucky you!!! beautiful pictures!

  2. So cute!! Looks like she was really enjoying herself!

  3. Your girl is very cute, love the curly hair! Thanks for all the lovely comments you left on my blog.

  4. She's definitely edible! Love those curls in back! Really nice photos.

  5. Looks like loads of fun! She is gorgeous!! Love those shots!

  6. Alivia is ADORABLE! And yes, her little wet curls and long eyelashes are just FABULOUS!!!!!

  7. Looks like an absolutely fabulous time! I love her little curls.

  8. Oh my goodness Elena, your little girl is absolutely precious!

  9. Oh those little curls down her neck are so cute. She's precious.

  10. She is adorable! Love those little curls!

  11. Love these shots! And I think you are right about that particular one crying out to be a black and white! So glad you linked up this week Elena. :)


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