June 12, 2012

Is it true about Google Friend Connect?

Has anyone else heard that Google Friend Connect (GFC) may be extinct and VERY soon?  You can find a post on this topic HERE.  The reason I ask is because I follow a lot of blogs through GFC and am wondering what I will do now to keep all of my favorite blogs in one place.  I feel so organized with GFC to be updated every time a new post is published on one of the blogs I am following.  It really is nice.  In an effort to be proactive, I signed up with Bloglovin’.  I figured this would be the next best thing.  For all of the blogs I follow via GFC, I am now following through Bloglovin’.  Also I have to, apparently, copy and paste ‘Follow my blog with Bloglovin’ code in a post to be able to claim my blog on bloglovin’ so here it goes:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’ll eventually be adding a Bloglovin’ button to my sidebar along with my other contact buttons like Facebook, PInterest, Instagram, etc.

I do use the blog roll gadget on my website.  I can’t add every single blog that I read on a daily basis, though, or it would be obnoxiously long.  The scrolling would never end!

What are you all using to keep your favorite blogs in one spot?  Does anyone subscribe to feeds?  The thing with me is that I hate getting email notifications.  I like to avoid this if at all possible.  Do feed subscriptions notify you of new posts via email?

I’m also not sure what I’d like to provide my own followers with as an alternative to GFC so that you can all follow me comfortably as well.  Do any of you have a preference?  Should I add a facebook like box to my sidebar or would you rather follow via something like Bloglovin’?  I’m up for suggestions.

Oh and I also wanted to mention that a lot of times I want to reply to your kind comments but can’t because they are marked as noreply-comment@blogger.com.  What a bummer.  If you have this marked as no reply by mistake, let me share a quick tutorial on how to change this.  Then you will be able to receive all of my lovely replies!  Yay!

From your blogger page, you want to go to your thumbnail picture and click on blogger profile.

Changing noreply to your email

which will take you here.  Then click on Edit Profile.


which will take you here.  Make sure this box is checked off but, more importantly when you are finished, be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom and Save Profile.



That’s it folks!  I told you it was quick!

Now onto a picture or two (or three).  I’m also linking up the shot below to the following photo challenges.  Alivia was checking out my mom’s new plant in this shot!  She also thought our house keys belonged in the planter.

026 RSWM

Scattered Horizons

I love the look she is giving me here.  Like “c’mon mum, let’s go see nana and papa”!
This picture was taken outside their door.

029 RSWM

And I’m linking this next shot up to the Photo show off challenge over at Love. Bug.
I love this close up of Alivia!  It’s just so Summery!




  1. All gets a bit tricky.....I enjoy blogging and reading blogs but haven't looked into too many of the details. I created a new email address for my blog and included it early on which really helps to communicate with others.

  2. UG! The whole GFC disappearing act FREAKS me out. I would be totally lost w/out it! There was a huge rumor months ago that it would be gone, but it never did (Obviously lol) Anywho... I am just ignoring it, & hoping it won't go away... smart ey? I'll have to look into some other options too. Great tutorial, & GREAT Alivia piccys!
    OMGosh. How do you ever say no to that little face... SOOOOO adorable!!

  3. Oh no, I really hope GFC doesn't disappear for good! It's how I read all my blogs too, I don't like the RSS feeds as much, fingers crossed they don't do this!! xo K

  4. Your photo shots are absolutely excellent ~ She is adorable ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

    PS ~ GFC is still going for people who are on blogger but not for other blog sites ~ that is my understanding ~ G+ is also a good link up

  5. What a cutie!

    As for GFC, it did go away for all non-blogger blogs, however I am pretty sure any blogs that you follow this way can be (and will be transfered) to your google reader. So you still should be able to keep up with the blogs you have followed through GFC. A good options for your website for others to follow is RSS.

  6. Wait, house keys DON'T belong in planters?! Ya learn something new every day! lol I just added some "follow me" type buttons on my blog yesterday. I added facebook, twitter and instagram. I'm just figuring all this stuff out! Or trying to :-)

  7. I think GFC was going away for bloggers that were using wordpress- there used to be a crossover for that and now I Understand that's gone. I think for anyone using blogger, it's going to be here for a while.

    HEre is the article saying how Google discontinued GFC for all "Non-Blogger" websites. So it appears anyone using blogger is safe.


    Great pictures of your daughter as always :) I love her long eyelashes - so pretty!

  8. I know that you're not supposed to be able to follow blogs that are not on blogger through gfc, but I'm not sure if that's already taken place or not. I hope it doesn't go away because I don't really like feedburner. I like my gfc!!!

  9. Also, LOVE those captures! She's a doll baby, love that curly hair!!

  10. She looks a little sassy in that photo! And, yeah, it was just with non-blogger blogs...it seemed like the world was going to cave in...but as you can tell it didn't ;)

  11. i love these photos!! i hear ya on the whole organizing thing on the blogs i read, i do subscribe to feeds but that means emails and such. let me know what you find out... totally interested in this subject too!! :)

  12. Elena, I think the loss of Google Friend Connect is only for non-Blogger blogs.
    I am still using it.
    I've said it before, but it bears repeating...Alivia is absolutely precious!

  13. I prefer to use Bloglovin over Google Reader or email subsrciption. They also have a handy android app to read your fav blogs on your phone. And- I love the first picture. The editing is very nice!

  14. hi thanks for popping over to my blog, I love yoour photos over here, and have followed you via google friend connect because like you all i love that for keeping in touch with all the great blogs i find.., I think as others have mentined the upset was over non blogger blogs, so hopefully for a while at least gfc will be ok for us

  15. Gorgeous photos! Lovely to find your blog! x

  16. Great tutorial huni, it is nice to reply by email sometime :)
    Beautiful pictures as usual hun x


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