June 19, 2012

New Pics… Esterina’s Birthday!

Go Elena, it’s your birthday!  Go Elena, it’s your birthday!  Well, not really but yesterday was just as exciting!  I made it through my dentist appointment!  Apparently, the dentist thought it was just a fluke that my filling fell out and that it would probably not happen a second time if she refilled it.  So that’s what she did!  It took all of 10 minutes and I’m as good as new.  If it falls out again, however, apparently I will need a ceramic fill which is essentially a crown.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t fall out again!  It will cost around $600.00 out of pocket!  Yikes!  It’s amazing how little that dental insurance covers.  I still can’t believe that dental work (other than cleanings of course) is considered cosmetic!  Are they kiddin’ with this crap?  Seriously, it’s crap!

Okay, enough whining for the day.  I processed the pictures from Esterina’s (Alivia’s cousin) birthday party that we attended this past weekend on Saturday.  She turned two years old!  It’s amazing!  It seems like yesterday that Gina (my sister-in-law) and I were pregnant!  Now we are celebrating our toddler’s birthdays!  I know you must hear it all the time how quickly the time passes, but it’s undeniably true!  It’s a little depressing.  I asked Alivia this past weekend if she could stop growing and just stay 22 months forever.  She just looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers not really knowing how to reply.  She did give me a hug though.  It’s almost as if she sensed that I was sad.  Is she the greatest or what?  My sister, whose kids are pretty much grown now (16 and 14), tells me that I will love each age better than the last so it’s almost as if you will never want to rewind time and go back to when they were a baby.  That makes sense.  I really love the age Alivia is now and, yeah, better than the age she was yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, and even last year.  My sister is a smart cookie! 

Okay, onto my pictures GIF…

This GIF is of Alivia riding on the lawn mower with my mother-in-law (her Grammy).  She just loves any type of ride.  She didn’t want to get off! 


Now onto my pictures…

Everyone, meet Harry!  This is my mother-in-law’s dog.  Is he cute or what?  I love that I caught his ears sticking straight up!

041 RS

056 RS

Yes, Alivia is helping Grammy steer!

063 RS

Alivia checking to make sure Daddy is back there watching!

069 RS

And, this is the BIRTHDAY girl!

081 RS

Check out this girl’s hair!  Gorgeous right?  It’s amazing really.
She’s had this length hair since she was one year old.  No joke!

086 RS

And, how pretty is her dress?

104 RSWM

Playing with her Abuelo (Grandpa)!

113 RSWM

120 RS

121 RS

123 RS

126 RS

129 RS

137 RSWM

I love this next little pose!  She cracks me up!

150 RS

And this one too!

151 RS

Now, you know I had to throw in a few pictures of Alivia right?

153 RS

I’m linking this next shot up the following photo challenges!  I love the little smile on Alivia’s face and that her cousin is all up in her Kool-Aid trying to check her out!  Too funny!

157 RS

 Sweet Shot Day


159 RS

My baby’s piggy toes!  She had a rock in her shoe!  Ouch!

171 RS

This next shot is one of my favorites of this day!
Look at those beautiful eyes as she rests on mommy’s shoulder!
She was overdue for a nap, the lil’ bugger.

175 RSWM

177 RSWM

156 RSWM

I had to throw this next shot in the mix!  It’s not from Esterina’s birthday.  It was taken the next day (on Sunday).  We just bought Alivia this Dora the Explorer power wheels and she absolutely loved it!  It was so fun watching her ride around everywhere!  She got the hang of it very quickly!  Go baby!

234 RS


  1. These are wonderful, Elena.
    I'm not sure who's having more fun on that lawnmower, Alivia or Grammy!
    Your sister is right, every age is wonderful (for the most part!!).
    It just goes by way too fast.
    Glad your tooth is better, and I hope you have a great evening!

  2. those little girls are seriously adorable!

  3. little things mean a lot! Good to be up to date!

  4. beautiful, beautiful family photographs

  5. These are so sweet! What a fun family time ;)

    My baby will be 22 months old tomorrow. Time does fly! I wish it would just stand still for a bit.

  6. oh my gosh, she is beyond adorable!! looks like she had a great time & i love the gif on the tractor :)

  7. Very 'pretty' girls and interesting post!

  8. OMGoodness. AMAZING Elena... these pics... ALL of them! Especially ADORE the Birthday girl & Grandpa shots. The GIF was super cool!

  9. I was a Certified Dental Assistant back in the day. I know what you mean about the insurance. Ridiculous.

    Sweet little girls. Happy Birthday to Esterina!

  10. What sweet photos! Love the black and white on the tractor. She is just lovely!

  11. Happy, Happy Birthday to your little Elena! She could not be prettier! What a doll! : )

  12. Beautiful, beautiful shots! Glad you are feeling better.

  13. Beautiful captures!! You did an amazing job. What nice memories you'll be able to hold onto. :)

  14. I have such fond memories of "helping" my grandpa mow the lawn on his farm. I'm sure Alivia will have them, too. Great photos...she has such pretty long hair and eyelashes.

  15. Look how much hair those girls have! My almost 2 year old girl has such little hair in comparison!

  16. Her goegeous long locks I love her she is so cute, Hope she had a lovely birthday :)

  17. Hi Elena! These photos are beoynd beautiful!!! You have captured precious important little moments. Love seeing all your girls and I love their names too ♥ All very beautiful! Esterina was the name of my grandma.. *sigh*

  18. Your story from About me is so much like mine, even our daughters' birthdays are close (Ellie's 1st birthday is on the 15th of August). They brought so much joy and happiness and goodness in our lives. I also love to be a stay at home mom, unfortunately that will be over soon :(

    This post's pictures are adorable, especially Alivia's, she's so sweet and cute :)



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