June 13, 2012

A few of my favorite things & GFC update

Apparently I don’t think us Blogger folks have anything to worry about regarding Google Friend Connect (GFC). I received quite a few comments regarding my previous GFC post (HERE) and I’m pretty convinced that GFC is only going to be retired for non-Blogger blogs. This link was provided by Skye over at First Time Mama – First Time Blogger confirming this. I also noticed that a lot of you commented with this same thing (about Non-Blogger blogs) so I think it’s safe to say we are in the clear! A BIG thanks to everyone that responded! Whew, right? And so the world is NOT coming to an end after all! I will still continue to follow my favorite blogs via GFC assuming it is available on your website. I am finding, however, at least 35% of the blogs that I’d like to follow don’t contain a GFC button at all which is a little disappointing especially seeing as I really don’t like to follow via feeds. Don’t get me wrong, I respect all of my fellow bloggers and your choices to include or not include the GFC button on your websites ;o)

If you remember, in my effort to be proactive, I signed up for Bloglovin’. Well, now I am totally addicted! It is my favorite place to keep all my favorite blogs in one spot! It is better than GFC because every single blog that I follow or want to follow can be found on Bloglovin’! I didn’t think so at first when I started searching for my blogs with just words (e.g. Cropped Stories), but then I realized that by searching using the blog sites URL address (e.g. http://www.croppedstories.blogspot.com), you can find anyone! It is very cool and so convenient!

I also got some great responses to my Web hosting + blog registration = confusion post (HERE) and it seems like if you created a blog via Blogger than Blogger is automatically your web host. I believe the same is true with Wordpress unless you are using a customized template. Apparently, Blogger also provides back-up services for your content. I had no idea about this! Thanks to Shelly over at Foto Shelly, she provided the following link in case you are interested in backing up. I highly recommend it!

Okay, enough of that! Let’s move on to an extremely important topic like my favorite things (the things I’m lovin’ right now). I thought this would make for a fun post. I also thought you could share what you all are lovin’ right now. I’d love to know. I’m a bit nosey!

Oh, and if you are interested in this massive 14 picture collage, you can get it HERE! It does not contain numbers (only for this post). I have also posted it to my FREEBIES page.

1. How cute is this stuffed owl right? It was the first toy that Livvy got a hold of in the store and didn’t want to put down. I tried to walk out of the store without it, but she wasn’t having it. Personally I fell in love with it too! After I paid for it, Livvy looked up at me with those BIG hazel eyes and said “Thank you mama”! I almost melted right there in my flip flops.
2 & 11. I bought this sailboat necklace made of mother of pearl in a little shop at St. Armand’s Circle in Florida. I absolutely love it and it looks fantastic against a tan.
3. I bought these bracelets (apparently they are hair elastics) at the airport in Florida. They came in threes. I love how they looked stacked. I may get a little crazy and use them in my hair too! Who knows.
4. How gorgeous are these earrings? My mom picked them out and they just looked so great on. Turquoise is my favorite color too!
5. JJ Cole diaper pod. I had a different one design, but I’m pretty sure I left it hanging on a chair in Chili’s restaurant in Florida. I was so bummed that I had left it behind. Seriously, I can’t live without this thing. It is a great alternative to having to use a large diaper bag. Apparently they don’t sell this type anymore in stores. I was lucky to find it on Amazon and I bought the last one. Oh, and I bought the cute Minnie Mouse wipe case on Amazon too!
6 - 7. My Brighton wristlet. I bought it specifically for holding my Droid Razr. And bonus – it is a wallet too! It’s the only thing I carry around when I’m out. It also comes with a long strap to wear it on or over the shoulder!
8. Yes, another pair of earrings! I really can’t get enough! This is by the same designer as the turquoise ones. I love that all of his earrings are VERY light.
9 & 12. How great is this owl mug? Yeah I have a thing for owls lately. But seriously, I couldn’t pass it up. It was a whopping $3.99 in Marshalls! I know what you are thinkin’ “BIG SPENDER” right? I got a kick out of the owls painted on the inside of the cup too! Oh, and it’s dishwasher friendly! Yay! I couldn’t find them online but these are just as cute and VERY similar in case you have a thing for owls too!
10. It’s hard to see in the picture, but this is a gorgeous glittery scarf. It’s so thin and light weight; perfect for Summer. I couldn’t get a good picture of me wearing it.
13. My PC World magazine. The hubby and I are in the market for a desktop computer. It’s to replace my laptop that has been acting up lately. There is a great article in here on the Top 10 performance desktops!
14. Lastly, and surely not least, my sea shell anklet. Also bought in Florida. Yeah I went a little shop happy in Florida, but boy was it fun! I haven’t worn an anklet for years. It just reminds me of Summer. Since I bought it, I haven’t taken it off!


  1. I definitely have a thing for owls! Love the mug!!

  2. I follow through GFC too. You can add blogs that aren't blogger to it, though. Just copy the blog address then go to your blogger page, click the Add button below your following blogs list, and enter the web address. It will add that blog to your list of following blogs.

  3. I saw that #1 owl stuffed animal in some magazine recently (parents??) as the most popular stuffed animal. I had never actually seen one in a store until recently - and your daughter proved the theory true! :) She loves it. How cute!
    That wristlet is a great idea... if only I could carry something so small - more power to ya! Great idea! I lug around my big purse LOL
    And GFC - Yea it seems we will all be ok - I use it loyally to follow everyone if they have it. For the ones that do not, I do the email subscriptions, even though not as easy. I have the Feed for google reader on my iphone and when I am out, and have to wait or have some down time, I catch up on my blog reading there too! So GFC is essential for me to follow that way :) I am all for it. Havea great day!

  4. great post and thanks for the GFC update! you rock!! love your items! loving that scarf and anklet! too cute! :)

  5. What a great collection! Love all the pretties!

  6. I forgot to let you know that it's not me on my blog post. That's my daughter who is expecting my second granddaughter in two weeks! Thanks for the visit.


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