June 1, 2012

New Pics… It is a laughing matter

So let me tell you a little story.  It’s not for the faint hearted.

You know when you see a bug, like a spider for instance, and for the rest of the day you would swear that you feel something crawling on you? You start scratching your leg, an arm, under your neck, on the shoulder etc.? Well that’s me. That’s what type of person I am. I swear they are crawling on me even though they aren’t. I don’t even like the sight of them.

So anyway, during our family vacation to Sarasota, FL the ol’ hubby bought one of those rubber insects from a souvenir shop (you know without my knowledge).  Now if you think you know where this is going, you are probably right.  My lovely husband thought it would be a gas to put a rubber cockroach in Alivia’s snack bowl so that when mommy (aka: me) took the lid off to grab a Teddy Graham for my baby, I would see it.  Anyhow, I will not go into detail about my reaction (that could be a long post) but let’s just say there was a lot of cursing! 

So after that little incident I had an unbelievably EVIL idea to put the cockroach in my mother’s bed.  You know under the quilt but on top of the sheets so when she pulled back the covers there would be a little surprise waiting for her.  Yeah, I know what you are thinkin’, that I am just mean.  I actually had second thoughts about it and almost removed it a few times, but the ol’ hubby talked me into keeping it there. 

That night was quite entertaining!  I happened to be on the couch in the living room and overheard my mom and step-dad.  My mom must have found the cockroach in her bed because the next thing I heard was her saying “we are leaving” and “I’m not staying in that room.”  When I called out to ask what was going on, she answered with a “nothing honey; nothing is wrong.”  You got to love my mom.  I knew that she was trying to protect me and didn’t want me to know that she found a bug in the bed.  When I kept on insisting she tell me what happened, I heard my step-dad in the bedroom yelling to my mom “I think it’s dead” and “Is someone playing a joke on us?”  Apparently he got close enough to it to realize it was rubber.  I couldn’t take it anymore!  I burst out laughing.  Too bad the hubby had already gone to bed for the night and missed the action! 

Although I told my mom it was my idea, I think she must have secretly known that my hubby was a BIG part of the plan so she wanted to hide it somewhere that he was sure to find it in the morning.  Can you guess where she put it?


In his yogurt! 

I told you it was not for the faint hearted.  Seriously, though, I apologize if you do not like bugs. 
I just had to share the story.

I couldn’t leave you with that picture as an ending to my post.  It’s not all fun and games around here.  This sunset is NO joke.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


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  1. HAHAAa... LOVE this! I would have FREAKED THE HECK OUT.... big time baby! How sweet is your mom to say.. "oh, nothing's wrong honey." What a wonderful mama! This freaky fake bug, is giving me naughty ideas...?

    Holy cow, BEAUTIFUL sunset. incredible shot Elena! Hope you guys are having the best time, sure sounds like it! xo

  2. Ha ha, great family story :)

    Love that gorgeous sunset! Wow!!

  3. What a traveler that bug is.....

  4. That's hilarious! I didn't used to get freaked out by bugs until I had Eli. It's like overnight I developed this horror for them. Loved the yogurt picture! And yes, that sunset gives me all sorts of envy!

  5. i don't get freaked out by all bugs, but that would've gotten a big reaction from me. gorgeous sunset!

  6. Ha ha. so hilarious!!

  7. Oh my goodness, this is too funny!
    Thank you for the smiles!


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