April 12, 2012

Getting a little personal

I wanted to share something a little personal today.  I thought maybe others in similar circumstances may benefit from it.

Do you find yourself worrying a lot? If so, you have to ask yourself if they are realistic worries. Also, if it is a worry that you can do something about? It just doesn't make any sense to worry about things that you can't do anything about. It's only going to cause stress, anxiety, and possibly depression.  The physical effects of worry don't stop there either.  It just isn't healthy.

I got anxiety back in 2001 and, since, have been using medication to control it.  It has been a continuous uphill battle trying to find a medicine to work for me.  And when they did work for me, how long would the relief last?  I was soon to realize that, lucky me, my body metabolized medicines much more rapidly than the average person causing them to either work for a limited amount of time or, worse, not at all.  I was reminded of this when I was in labor with Alivia.  My epidural wore off a few hours after it was administered and I had more than 8 hours of painful contractions ahead of me, but that's an entirely different post.

When I gave birth to Alivia in 2010, and even though I was on medication at that time too, it had increased considerably.  I found that with a new baby came worry.  A lot of worry.  Where there was worry, anxiety was not far behind.  I know as a new parent that worry is normal but when it became incessant is when it became a problem.  I had expressed my concerns to my primary care physician and she said that I would likely benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  Immediately I was interested.  Could I actually get my worrying under control?  The day that I visited my primary care physician was the same day I found a therapist who specialized in CBT.  Within a week, I had my first appointment.  This was just three weeks ago.  Today I am already feeling better but I can not credit the CBT alone. It was a combination of CBT and new medication that had really begun working for me. Thank Heavens too, 'cause I want nothing more than to be able to put all of my time, energy, and focus into taking care of Alivia and now I feel I can! 

Now for something completely unrelated!  Have you ever heard of these dolls?  I first heard of them watching a preview to an upcoming Anderson show.  They looked so unbelievably real that I just had to look into it.  Well that and I used to be a BIG doll fan.  I have a tiny collection of four dolls; all by the same designer.  Anyhow, on Anderson's page, there is a poll asking people if they are creepy.  That is definitely the question.  Although kind of creepy, I almost want to buy one just to see it in person.

And to end on a fun note, I attached two pictures that I took on the way home from sister's house on Easter.  These trees line one of the streets in my sister's development and I thought they would make a nice picture.  I color corrected them slightly and boosted the contrast to add depth. 

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  1. i hear ya on the worry thing, especially with pregnancy! hope everything is well and good and its so nice to have little ones to keep you busy! :) great shots too! so beautiful!


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