April 10, 2012

Photo Feedback

It's that time again!  For Photo Feedback over at Mom Tried It that is!  I wanted to link up a different picture this time around!  I usually submit a photo of Livvy, but this time I'm submitting a picture of one of my favorite flowers; the tulip!  The color of these tulips were amazing!  They were our centerpiece on Easter Sunday at my sister's house.  I don't have much experience with shooting flowers, but I thought this picture wasn't half bad.  In fact, I'm really loving it!  I didn't do much post processing.  I adjusted the exposure to brighten it slightly and boosted the contrast to make it pop.  I'm curious to see what you all think.

Mom Tried It


  1. Oooooo. I love the color!! You did a great job on the contrast and brightening up the photo. It is very lovely, in fact it is down right beautiful!
    My only suggestion would be to have pulled back a little more, but this is a personal preference thing. I would have liked to see the bottom of the vase and that outer tulip on the right side entirely. I like how the bouquet is cut off on the left side, though.
    Thank you for joining up again. :)
    Now I want some tulips (especially so I can photograph them).

  2. Very lovely, I like the brightness of the tulips.. I do think that the tulip on the right being cut off is a bit distracting.. But maybe like my pic, there was to much going on to that side?

  3. Beautiful! Love the color of the tulips. I maybe would have shot from a bit farther back, like Kim said, but other than that it is a really good shot.

  4. Beautiful! Gorgeous color, and I like your composition. My only suggestion would be to try to pull back a and include all the blooms. It's a lovely shot ;)


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