April 30, 2012

Baby ESP

Have you tried the Baby ESP application?

When Alivia was born, I found it difficult to keep track of, well, everything.  Most importantly, though, the number of bottles and ounces she would drink and the number of pee and poop diapers she would have in a day.  I knew this was important information that her pediatrician would inquire about at her appointments.  I've never been good at guessing, so I knew that I would have to track these things somehow if I wanted to give the pediatrician accurate information.  At the time, while I was in the hospital, the easiest way to keep track of everything was to write it down.  So on that first day, when Alivia was born, so wasn't a journal.  I'm really pushing it when I say journal.  I kept all of my notes on a small pad of paper and tore off pieces as they were used. 

Of course the more I cared for Alivia, I found the more things were added to my mental list of items to track.  These items included:

1.  Medicine administration
2.  Fevers
3.  Tummy Time
4.  Sleep Time
5.  Nap Time
6.  Bath Time
7.  Growth updates

etc. etc. etc.  The pages of that pad of paper were quickly amounting to little yellow messy mounds of chicken scratch all over the house.  I started stuffing them in drawers to keep them hidden.  It was my way of sweeping dirt under the rug.  Not that I've ever done that but I think you catch my meaning. Since most of the pads I used were sticky notes, I remember walking around with one of these papers stuck to my upper thigh area (okay, it was my buttocks).  It wasn't pretty and I never felt less organized.  Go figure.  After searching the phone application market for some sort of baby tracker, I eventually stumbled upon Baby ESP.  It allowed me to input everything on my list.  That wasn't even the best part.  The application allowed you to sync with another Droid user (perhaps another parent or care taker).  It also provided automatic syncing of data to their very own online storage!  The feature that I loved the most, though, was the statistics tool.  You could view your baby's statistics by day, week, month, or for all time and email them to your pediatrician.  You can find an example of the statistics report here.  These were Alivia's statistics.  For a quick viewing, I included a screenshot also:

Anyhow, I hope you find the application useful.  It was a BIG life saver for me.

I also wanted to link up the below photo to the Show off your Shot Photo Challenge over at And then she Snapped.  This is Alivia looking through the screen door at me.  I was on the porch trying to take some pictures of a tree we have planted below in our yard.  When I turned around to go back inside the house, I saw this beautiful face.  I just had to capture it!  I love her expression.  She looks so content.

 then, she {snapped}
And linking up the below photo to the Quotography Photo Challenge over at {My} Perspective.  The theme this week is flowers.  I absolutely love this shot!  My favorite flower is a tulip so I really enjoyed photographing these.  Their pink color was amazing!
Quotography at {My}Perspective
I'll leave you with my day of random Instagrams:
1. Driving down Rte. 3.  Love the sun flare.
2. Alivia at her Auntie Lola's house.  She was asking for another Teddy Graham.
3. My nephew, Ginger.  My nephew is quite hairy.
4. Alivia napping on the way to the mall.
5. My mom driving my car to the mall.
6. Alivia's new Clark sandals.  I got them on sale - woo hoo!
7. Mmmmm, chocolate covered strawberries. 
You should have seen the size of these suckers.  They were like small apples.
8. Alivia on the way home from the mall.
9. My step-dad, Joe, in the passengers seat.

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  1. Oh I love tuplips too, and PINK - I love that quote too and had a hard time choosing there were so many good ones for flowers.

  2. Your shots of Alivia are precious. I almost used the same quote. I'm happy that flowers feed our souls!

    1. I tried leaving you a comment but not sure it went through.

  3. That chocolate covered strawberry looks so good right now.

  4. Oh my goodness. . . I'm melting from the sweetness of that baby girl!
    I also love the tulips! I almost used that quote as well, and even with a tulip photo. But I had already posted that photo last week, so I changed it up a bit.

  5. What an amazing group of pictures!! Love the quote and flowers too.

  6. The pink of those tulips is just amazing!

  7. I love your quotography! Such a precious quote. Speaking of precious, your little girl is simply beautiful! It melts my heart. :')


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