March 15, 2012

New Pics... (Week: ?): Long time; No write

I'm embarrassed of how long I've gone between postings.  I haven't picked up a camera in, probably, a good few months so I've had nothing to share.  Lots to say, I guess, but not regarding this blogs topic.   I've been so focused on motherhood that I threw my Canon on the back burner.  I have missed photographing quite a bit and a little embarrassed to admit that I had initially forgotten how to use the settings.  Which setting was going to make my picture brighter, which less noisy, and so on.  Once I began snapping and using the playback feature, I was good to go.  Lower my ISO, up the shutter speed so I can catch Livvy in all of her constant moving splendor! 

With Jake and the Neverland Pirates playing in the background, I'm finding it difficult to write.  If that weren't enough of a distraction, I'm watching Livvy dance in her diaper to the music.  All chubbiness out there in plain view.  Really?  Does she have to be that cute?   Doesn't she know it's distracting me?  Jeesh! 

Anyhow, before photography and before Livvy, there was shopping.  Seriously, though, I had a problem.  Of course I also had a job that supported the habit extremely well.  I used to joke with my mom that we should have joined a support group for our shopping addiction.  I'd laugh while trying to recite the following "Hi, my name is Elena and, I'm a shopaholic".  Never in a million years did I think that I would have to give up designers like Kooba, Michael Kors, Burberry, David Yurman, John Hardy, etc. in exchange for Pampers, Fisher-Price, Vtech, Dr. Brown, Carters, etc.  Surprisingly the transition wasn't that difficult at all.  As long as Livvy had everything she needed, than I was happy.  As happy I was, though, there was still something missing.  I had a craving for something, but what?  Then Livvy outgrew her Fall and Winter clothes and I realized it was time to go clothes shopping again.  Although still a peanut, Livvy was actually in larger sizes.  In my quest for 18 month clothing, I stumbled upon some great baby clothing designers.  Apparently my craving had been for something, ANYTHING, different than the same ol' clothing I kept seeing at Babies 'R Us, Walmart, Target, etc.  Enough of Carters already!  I was so desperate for something different yet some of the prices were a bit hard to swallow.  For the price of one dress, I could have been sporting a new pair of leather boots!  I think, on occasion, it's good to splurge.  For those of you with the "you only live once" mentality, feel free to check out my findings and Enjoy! 

Tips for saving money:
1. Use online searches such as The Find to compare prices.
2. Look up designer coupons.
3. Buy last years designer collections which are usually on sale.
4. Don't foget to check Amazon.  They are almost always cheaper than anywhere else.
5. If you like a specific designer, sign up for their mailings to receive promotions & coupons.
6. Some designers like Hanna Andersson have outlet stores which, as you know, carry discounted items.

Colorful clothing. European sizing. Infant/Baby and Toddler sizes.  I usually buy sale items. 

Classic pieces.  Regular sizing.  Infant/Baby and Toddler sizes.  I just bought two bathing suits (each $42) and an apron dress on sale for $44.99.  There special occasion dresses can go up to $200 and over.

ISOBELLA & CHLOE $$:  I bought the following dress after seeing it in Nordstrom in a size too large for Livvy.  It is super soft despite how it looks!  The fabric is NOT made of a tooling fabric.

HOPSCOTCH $$$:  I bought Livvy's Easter dress here. 

and of a Whimsical nature, which are my absolute favorites, are the following designers:
ZAZA COUTURE $$$:  There website isn't the greatest.  If you google the designer, they are sold at many online boutiques.

Now, unrelated to my paragraph above, here are some pictures of Livvy.  This sweater and hat photographed so well.  It was a present from her Aunt Nancy, Uncle Erik and cousin Mackenzie!  These colors look fantastic on her!

I also posted some very recent pictures of Alivia on my other blog:  Love Letters to Livvy for anyone interested.

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