March 23, 2012

Fix-It Friday over at IHF

I'm excited!  I joined the ihf Community on I Heart Faces and this will be the first time participating in their Fix-It Friday photo challenge.  In a nutshell, they provide a photograph to be fixed/edited.  This week's photograph was provided by Angie Arthur Photography.  It's difficult to fix a photograph that is already gorgeous straight out of the camera.  Gorgeous picture!  Gorgeous girl!  My editing efforts are below.  I hope you like them!

My Fix-it RECIPE (cooked up in PSE):

1) Cropped to bring her a bit closer.
2) Boosted the contrast.
3) Increased the reds and desaturated the cyans a little.  Her pants were a little too bright after I boosted the contrast.
4) Added warmth.  This is a personal preference.
5) Added the Pro Edge Vignette action that I purchased from Paint the Moon.  I absolutely love them!
6) Brightened her eyes with the Hair and Eye Pop action from Paint the Moon also.
7) Sharpened her face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.)

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