March 26, 2012

Hooray to Photo Feedback!

To change things up a bit, I thought I'd link up to Photo Feedback over at Mom tried it. I've been desperate for some feedback on my photos! I'm always looking for ways to improve. I'm also curious to see how someone else would have taken the shot differently (even processed it differently). I could really learn from that!   This picture is one of my absolute favorites of Alivia!  Usually I have no problems ripping my pictures apart and coming up with a million ways that I could have taken it better/differently.  This one, however, really stumped me!  I am very happy with it!  I have a black & white print of it on my wall at the top of my staircase.  This, to me, was the perfect picture to submit.  I'm really curious to see what I could have done differently and don't hold back, let me have it!  I really look forward to hearing your critiques and applying your feedback to the pictures I take next time!

Mom Tried It


  1. So adorable!!

    Thank you for joining in Photo Feedback. :)
    I love the depth of field on this photo. Her expression is priceless and you snapped it at just the right time.
    Honestly my only suggestion would be to brighten up her face a little. It has a gray cast (but I am not sure if my eye is just seeing her gray short and then making me think her skin has that tint, too). I think if her face was a teeny bit brighter, but keep the background at the same level, her eyes would really pop. The catch lights are nice and crisp, but those gorgeous eyes are getting lost in the photo. Oh, and I am not suggesting doing any weird over processing on the eyes, that freaks me out, especially on kids. The lightening of her face would do it.
    That is my only suggestion, but totally not even necessary. What a cutie pie and gorgeous shot!

  2. Wonderful picture - love those big eyes!! :)

  3. Beautiful catchlights! :D I do think she's a little gray - probably the white balance is off a bit.

    What were your settings for this shot?

    I think it would be gorgeous in B&W - happy to hear you've got one printed like that! :D

  4. She's gorgeous and it's a beautiful shot as is. I bet it looks fabulous in b and w. My only suggestion would be to warm her skin up just a touch and perhaps leave a little more negative space on the left side. Like I said, it's a great photo as is but I know people linking up really want suggestions so that's just an option. :)

  5. Truly a gorgeous shot!!! I love the depth of field, the eyes.... editing might be worth a try, just try different versions, maybe some actions, see what you get... Truly I cannot offer any better improvement ideas... :-)

  6. Thanks for joining photo feedback!
    I love how you've captured her eyes and her face. This is definitely a keeper photo! For feedback, I get a little bit of clutter in the background. The rich wood color is off a bit from the more grey of the rest of the photo. You might try taking it into B&W to see if that helps. As you can see - we have to stretch a bit to find anything to improve. :)


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