March 31, 2012

New Pics... Someone is watching over us

Yesterday was quite a day.  In the afternoon, as I was preparing for our afternoon car ride to help Livvy take her nap, she almost locked me out of the house!  The door was about an eighth of an inch away from completely locking.  Surprisingly I caught it just in time!  And I say "surprisingly" because I was super exhausted and sort of shuffling around in slow motion.  I have to give myself a pat on the back though.  I was quick with cat-like reflexes!  Even still, as I was able to avoid what could have been a nightmare, my anxiety had risen.  

Just as the driving and music were beginning to soothe me and Livvy drifted off to sleep I noticed a BIG red truck tailgating me.  Seriously, if he were any closer he would have been sitting in the front seat with me.  I was traveling a little above the speed limit so I'm not quite sure why the obnoxious behavior.  The next thing I know I see him speeding up preparing to pass me just as the dotted line in the road became solid again.  Nothing like passing me at the last minute.  As he passes, I see a car coming in the opposite direction.  The truck could barely get around me quick enough to avoid a head on collision with the oncoming car!  As I held my breath for the oncoming car that had to swerve almost entirely off the road to let the truck by, I realized that this accident was going to include us!  I was only a cars length away from the two vehicles, definitely not far enough away to have avoided this catastrophe!  I was mentally preparing myself for a deadly car accident!  Life didn't flash before my eyes, it was all too quick!  Luckily for everyone, even the $%#hole in the BIG red truck, we were able to continue on our ways unharmed.  All shaken up, my anxiety was on the rise again!

Someone is watching over us.  Not sure if it's God or my Nana and Pa.  Perhaps all three?  I'm just thankful!  While this whirlwind was circling our tiny piece of the world, Livvy slept right through with not so much as an eye flutter.  My baby, so ignorant and innocent, woke up a good 45 minutes later well rested and ready to play!

Here, and unrelated to anything I've written above, are some pictures that I took on Thursday and Friday with the exception of the first photograph which I took sometime last week.  From the playback feature on my camera I could see that the exposure was completely off so I was in no hurry to process it.  In fact, I meant to delete it.  Well, it's a good thing I didn't since I was actually able to salvage it in PSE with one of Paint the Moons actions which allowed me to deepen the colors.  I couldn't, however, avoid blowing out my whites.  I did the best I could.  I just love her in this hat!


I couldn't get the colors exactly right in these next two shots and even though I reduced the noise, they still look a little grainy to me.  I had to shoot with my ISO at 6400 to avoid using my flash.

I absolutely love this next shot!  Her little hand by her mouth is adorable.  I wonder what she is thinking.  Probably something along the lines of  "how can I get my mom to put down that camera?"

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