February 19, 2013

What type of edits do you prefer?

So here’s the deal.  The last time I posted I wrote of image insertion problems and that with my new blog design I was unable to post images larger than 700 px wide.  This has been very disappointing seeing as my new posting area is around 900 px wide.  I forgot to mention that I am using Windows Live Writer as my posting tool.  Since inserting pictures hasn’t been working out for me too well I decided to try and upload my images to Flickr to use HTML code instead.  If you are familiar with Flickr, you know that it allows you to share your images in various ways including URL links, HTML, BBCode, etc.  Sounds great right?  Well, hold on.  Apparently with free accounts you are limited to image size uploads.  So even though my image was sized at 850 px wide my free account was only creating html code for 283 px wide!  Really?  How freakin’ frustrating!  So what did I do?  I paid the $24.95 and upgraded to a pro account where I can upload my original high resolution images.  If the images in this post do not publish correctly, I’m considering giving up.  I’ll have to find a way to be satisfied with not being able to utilize my entire posting space.  So fingers crossed!

On a different note, I thought it would be fun to get a little information from you guys and gals out there.  You know, about photography.  I’m sure if you are photographing you are doing some type of photo processing as well.  What type of edits do you prefer?  I’d love to hear!  



  1. I recently started using flickr to post all my photos to my blog too. With the most recent update to wordpress it was taking forever to upload my photos so flickr is much easier. Plus I recently started the long process of backing up all my photos to flikr. Umm like 8 years worth. It's going to take FOREVER but I will feel a bit better when i have another place they are backed up. I LOVE your new blog update. Looks great! I tend to like photos that are brightened and black and white is always good! :)

  2. The way I edit definitely depends on the type of photograph- the subject, the mood, etc. But I do typically like a brighter colorful image, especially when it is of my boys playing.

    I use blogger, too and I just upload my pictures to Flickr, choose the size I want for my post (usually medium) and then insert the HTML code for the picture into the post (using the HTML option in blogger).


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