February 17, 2013

Not a care

I’m a little discouraged.  Since the blog change (I updated my blog design last week) I am having trouble posting images larger than 700 px wide which is very disappointing.  I was looking forward to utilizing the new wider posting space.  It’s weird but when I post an image larger than 700 px wide, it’s almost as if the image quality suffers even though the image has been resized and saved specifically for web viewing at 850 px.  It’s puzzling really and I guess I’m curious to find out if anyone else is having this problem?  I am currently using the SIMPLE theme template on Blogger if that helps. 

The other thing I’ve noticed is that my page is inserting shadow boxes/outlines around all of my images.  They are white so you have to look carefully.  Anyhow, it’s very frustrating!  Looks like I’m going to have to look up HTML code for removing this.  It never ends!

In the meantime, this little girl has NOT a care in the world.  It must be nice!

It’s so TOUGH being a KID.

4035 RS 850px

RELAXING by the slider looking out at the snow.

4035 RS 850px B&W

Having her picture taken A LOTA REAL LOT.

4019 RS 850px

And making SILLY faces for MOM!

4049 RS 850px

Boy it’s ROUGH!


  1. Yes, when I have a bad day...my mind goes to the same thing. Only I say this to my dog♥ You have it so rough buddy. As for the blogging image posting problems...in wordpress I have the same thing. I always have to change templates to get the problem to go away. Sometimes it is just a matter of updating the template.

  2. Hi there! I saw your blog on the list at IHF. Just wanted to suggest either trying hosting your photos with flickr or another option, if you use a pc try out windows live writer. Blogger will destroy your photos (similar to facebook) these are both great options for uploading photos and retaining their quality ;-)

  3. Aww. Love that last one and your new look. Not sure about the posting wider images but I could try and help if you want.


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