February 28, 2013

The things they learn!

Take your time.  Concentrate.  Hit the ball.  This is what my tot says when we are bowling with her play set.  It’s a riot!  Just when I thought she learned these phrases from the hubby, Livi and I were watching an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and sure enough I heard these same phrases from Jake.  Of course they were playing golf, hence the “hit the ball” instead of “hit the pins”.  I’ve been trying to teach her to say “hit the pins”.  Either that or “throw the ball”.  You know something that makes sense.  My little one is way too smart.  I just love how she uses her words in the correct context and she picks up on absolutely everything.  She is truly amazing and such a BIG girl!

The following images are some oldies but I wanted to take another stab at processing them since I wasn’t completely satisfied with the way they turned out the first time around.  The side lighting was amazing and I love that her hair was up and away from her face. 

3784 RS 850px
3789 RS 850px

Another favorite shoot of mine (below).
Love this pose!

4033 RS 850px


  1. She is such a doll- I just adore those curls & those eyes.

  2. She and her mama are both amazing!!! The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree as the saying goes! Lightening is beautiful in these images.

  3. Love the printables and the photos! Great job with lighting! :)

  4. I love the lighting in all those photos of Livi - so beautiful! And it helps to have such a precious model too! Oh let me tell you - I was shocked at how much Julianna picked up from TV - we only let her watch toddler shows on disney channel luckily but we were asking for weeks everytime she said something new that we don't normally say - we woud be like "Where did that come from??" - and then we would realize Mickey Mouse said it on MMClubhouse! They are like sponges! Big time!

  5. I love the printables, and the photos are adorable, too!

  6. i love those pictures of your little girl! so sweet!! what beautiful eyes!!

  7. She is just too sweet! And your prints are adorable. Thanks for sharing!


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