February 15, 2013

The day after the day after

Well I thought I wasn’t a big fan of Valentine’s Day until my little one changed my mind.  She absolutely loved this holiday!  It all started on Wednesday when my mom bought her a Happy Valentine’s Day balloon.  She walked around with it everywhere.  It’s been her best friend for two days now.  She even fell asleep with it in her hand while she napped on top of me today.  I wanted to snap a picture of her with my phone but it wasn’t within reach unfortunately.  As if the balloon wasn’t enough she received some Valentine Day cards in the mail too.  One from Nana & Papa and one from Grammy.  You would have thought she just discovered gold the way she lit up opening those envelopes.  Then yesterday, in addition to a card, I gave her a little stuffed monkey (see color picture below).  She was so excited!  Wait.  I’m not done.  Later that night the hubby gave her the cutest gorilla (see black & white picture below)!  It didn’t take long before she was off on her own with her new stuffed toys clutched under one arm while the other carried around my card and Nana’s balloon.  The best part, though, was listening to her say “It’s Valentine’s Day” about a hundred times!  And with such enthusiasm each and every time!  Even today, the day after the day after Valentine’s, she is still saying it!  

In short, I am now a Valentine’s Day enthusiast and I look forward to seeing her reaction next year!




And did I mention the hubby bought me a dozen red roses?


I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was as wonderful as ours and Happy Friday!  Don’t forget we need a name for the monkey so if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment! 


  1. She's a love! I want her! She makes everything fun, doesn't she? As for the monkey..is maymoon (phonetic spelling) Armenian for monkey? - XO Lau

  2. The Ortiz Family has been brainstorming: J says Pinky, e says Scribble & Ziggy , joey says TREEza...get it?? or Treesie, Buttons,Soxy, sockie, Bee nana, sorry this is getting outta hand! lol,,, Toby, Rosie, cupcake, Lolly, Heartzie, (4 valentines day theme) Lovey, Val, or Valerie, Zoey (xo) Coco, Lexi, Tulip, Lovezie, Mo, Mona, Heartie, Snooki, HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Hugzie, I vote for LOVEY!


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