September 4, 2012

Where did the weekend go?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  I had quite an eventful one!  The hubby and I took Alivia to York’s Wild Kingdom in York, ME with her Auntie Nancy, Uncle Erik, and friend Mackenzie on Saturday, Auntie Gina’s on Sunday, and Nana’s on Monday!  By Monday afternoon, Livi* was asking for nothing more than to go home.  I’ve noticed that as much as Livi enjoys getting out of the house and socializing that she gets over stimulated after awhile and wants to be left alone.  Oh the tribulations of being an only child!  Poor baby!  I don’t blame her though, her mama is the same way!  With that said, we took her home and she relaxed with Daddy for the rest of the day while I went to the mall with my mom and started Livi’s Fall shopping!  I say started because I still have shoes, outwear, and some hair accessories to purchase.  Lucky for me I love shopping (I sort of have a serious shopping problem addiction) or I might find this to be overwhelming! 

On a different note, I can’t say enough about York’s Wild Kingdom!  What a great zoo and amusement park!  The weather was perfect walking around weather too (about 75 degrees and sunny)!  Livi absolutely loved it!  It was also Livi’s first time going on an amusement ride by herself!  As much as it was nerve racking for Mommy and Daddy, it was such a joy too! 

I got a lot of zoo pictures but haven’t processed a majority of them so I’m only attaching a few here.  I hope to have more processed to share with you again this week!
 3502 RSWM

I’m linking up this next shot to Sweet Shot Tuesdays!

3522 RSWM

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

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3565 RSWM

happy jaxScattered Horizons

* I don’t know why but when I started calling Alivia “Livi” I spelled it Livvy. To me, it just seemed like the correct way to spell it. Now, however, after thinking about it I feel as though it should be spelled “Livi” as these letters are present in her name. The y and extra v are not. Still not sure how I should be spelling it though. I Just thought I’d share this with you so you wouldn’t think I was smoking something with all the various spellings. I went from Livvy, to Livy, and now to Livi. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Does it really matter?


  1. She looks so preoccupied in the last one. I like the angle and composition.

  2. That little calf and your daughter(?) are both cute as can be!

  3. Wait you were in Maine??!!! I grew up there and went to York Wild animal kingdom for field trips as a kid! :) How fun. We are actually headed to Maine in 2 weeks to visit family. maybe we will bring the boys there. Do you live around there?! For some reason I didn't think so.

  4. So glad you had a great weekend! Beautiful shots ;)

  5. I am laughing at the getting antsy part when too much is going on - and wanting to come home- I am the same way being an only child (as Julianna is too) - I need to be home & normal after a long outing.... but we enjoy getting out and traveling all the same! Go figure! Now Julianna asks after a long day "We go home? We go home?" 80 times in the car LOL.
    Great diva shot of Alivia at fence! :) I am working on our zoo pics too currently - soooo far behind!! haha

  6. I adore the baby cow shot! Makes me want my own! Sounds like a great weekend!

  7. glad you had a great weekend! york's wild kingdom sounds so fun. lovely photos!


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