September 13, 2012

It’s an Instagram kind of day!

Alivia had her two year doctor’s appointment today!  Luckily for us both she wasn’t due for any shots!  HOORAY!  I just hate bringing her in to get shots (it rips my heart out)!  Oh and, get this, children two and over can now have the flu vaccine via a mist administered through the nose!  No shot, no tears!  I think that calls for another HOORAY!  Anyhow, I’m happy to report she is doing really well both physically and developmentally!  Go Alivia! 


18 months 2 years
Height 30 inches 32.8 inches
Percentile 10% 20%
Weight 21 lbs. 24 lbs.
Percentile 8% 14%
BMI 16.46 15.74
Head Circumference 45.72 cm 46.90 cm

Now onto my pictures.  I haven’t taken any new pictures this week.  Shame on me!  I had to resort to Instagram!  I had forgotten how much fun it could be!  So, from left to right…

1. Livi playing outside with her circle ball (that’s what she calls it as if it would really be any other shape) / 2. Me and my baby / 3. A gross and, did I mention, HUGE bug on one of the lawn chairs outside / 4. Me in my favorite only apron (see, I can be domestic) / 5. Me smiling at Livi (she was supposed to be in the picture; let’s just say it didn’t work out) / 6. Livi playing with her puzzle.


Don’t forget to check me out over at Two Shades of Lovely on Friday for The Missing Link – Week 22!
Hope to see you there!


  1. Don't feel bad. I have resorted to Instagram pics too !! Haha! It's fine - they are just as fun!! INlove the one of you and her - top middle. And I was as shocked as you to find Julianna did not need any shots at age 2 - It was a pleasant surprise to say the least! I do need to get her flu vaccine soon though - but that's it. DIdn't know about the nose vaccine - I'll have to ask - although I am thinking that's gonna cause some screaming & kicking too! haha!

  2. Lovely shots! And yea for Flu Mist! That will be much easier this year ;)

  3. Oh she is beautiful and so are you! Seriously look at you in that apron! :)

  4. Ahhh wonder if my comment got eaten. i said your daughter was beautiful but so are you. Looking great in that apron mama xo


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