September 16, 2012

Recovering exposure in CS6 & LR4!

I took some pictures of Alivia on Friday night and as I was checking the play back feature on my camera I noticed they were a little under exposed.  I had forgotten that I set my ISO to a maximum of 800 which means that even if the ISO needed to be increased to create proper exposure, it wouldn’t.  Although I had adjusted the ISO for the remainder of my images that night, I was disappointed thinking the images I had taken of her already would require more editing time that I actually had. 

When I opened them up on my computer, they were even darker than they were showing on my camera!  I didn’t think they could be saved!  It’s a good thing I tried the exposure slider in CS6 before I sent them to the recycle bin!  I got unbelievable results!  For someone who rarely gets shots of a smiling toddler, this was SUPER exciting!

I had to share my original and edited photos with you so that you could see the drastic changes I was able to make in both CS6 and Lightroom 4!  All without the use of actions too!  That’s right, I’ve been learning my tools!  The only action I applied was the Cuts like a Knife action from Paint the Moon which allows you to selectively sharpen! 

36693669 RSWM

36723672 RSWM

These next few images weren’t as bad, but it’s just amazing what a few adjustments will do to a photo!
Of course, I still strive to get my pictures as good as they can be IN camera.

36903690 RSWM

37103710 RSWM

3676 RSWM

3689 RSWM

3680 RSWM

I’m linking up this next image to the following photo challenges.
Love the expression, those little lips, and chubby cheeks!

3702 RSWM

Happy JaxPhotobucket

This last image was processed in Lightroom!


3670 RSWM

and that’s the power of RAW people!

If I were shooting JPG, I wouldn’t have been able to save them!


  1. WOW...I am just totally amazed by this!!!
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  2. RAW really is amazing. I have had to go back to JPG the last few photos because my computer is running really slow and it makes me so sad. I do have to spend a lot more time making sure that every shot is completely perfect in camera...way too much work when you have a lot to shoot! Hopefully, I get my computer emptied out so I can get back in RAW this week!

  3. Great save on these. I really love that particular paint the moon action for certain circumstances.

  4. So, so cute! I'm loving LR4 and PS6. Still have a lot to learn, but they offer fantastic tools.
    Love her long hair. She's just precious ;)

  5. The difference is incredible! I haven't tried shooting in RAW yet but I too would need to clear out my computer first. It struggles to cope with all of my images in JPEG. x

  6. Beautiful shot of Alivia - love her little lips! And you are so right- you can not recover hat much exposure using jpg. RAW allows for so much variation - thats why I love it too!! Great examples!! :)

  7. Wow! What a sweet save. Thank goodness, for she is darling! Joining you from finagle a foto.


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