August 9, 2012

I just want to cry!

If you’ve been following me, you’d know that I got my new MacBook Pro in the mail, however, I’m typing this on my old laptop.  Why, you ask?  Well I’ll tell you…

First, and most importantly, Windows Live Writer (which is the tool I use to write my posts) isn’t supported by MAC and after hours of searching for a new blog posting tool, I’ve come up with nothing!  That’s right NOTHING!  I’m not yelling, I promise.  I’m just venting.  I tried publishing some test posts using two different applications but with no luck.  Ecto removed my formatting so my post was a mess and MarsEdit apparently published my post but it wasn’t showing up on my blog!  Really?  Qumana couldn’t find my blog at all even after multiple installations and I’m pretty sure Bleezer was the program that needed my FTP host and path which I still have yet to find!  I’m worried that I will not find a blogging tool!  I could use the Blogger interface but I’m cringing just thinking about it.  They always remove my formatting so my posts are all over the place.  You know, paragraphs and images inconsistently spaced!  It drives me MAD!

Not only that but, apparently, my MAC operating system had to be reinstalled because I’ve been having problems.  My desktop picture keeps disappearing every time I shut down and restart, I have to keep clicking on icons multiple times for them to open, sometimes my full screen view button disappears, shortcut icons on my dock keep changing, etc..  I could keep going but I don’t want to cry.  Seriously.  I think I’m a little more emotional this week because I have a million things going on with Livy’s birthday party coming this Sunday.

If you are a MAC user and are using a blogging tool to publish your posts, please let me know.  I’d love to find one that works well.

On a happier note, I’ll leave you with some adorableness. 

051 RSWM

054 RSWM

I wanted to link up the photo below to the following photo challenges.  I posted a very similar one earlier in the week but it was cropped differently.  I know what you’re thinkin’, “another profile shot”?  I’m sorry, but yeah, I’m obsessed with her eyelashes, button nose, and pouty mouth! 

063 RSWM

the long road


  1. Well. THat just sucks. Sorry to hear. But I can tell you - I am a MAC user as you know ... and I do use just regular Blogger editor - there are a lot of options and you can still use html for a lot of things - I have never had any issues (knock on wood) with blogger formatting or anything like that. Hope this helps and I Hope you have a better day!! :)

  2. I sometimes have trouble with posting in the blogger interface. But if something is not lining up or there's extra white space showing I always check what's going on in the HTML mode. Blogger often adds unnecessary html code to your post so I just remove all the extra html and it works just fine.

    Ps. Great profile shot. She has the cutest little button nose.

  3. I also just use blogger. I use code a lot and just make sure as I type my paragraphs are the way I like. Not sure how to help though!

  4. Oh no! I have never heard of so many problems with a mac. I'm so sorry you are going through that. That would make me beyond frustrated. We've had iPhones, ipads, ipods, two imacs and two macbooks and never had problems. Hubs just bought a Macbook Pro and had it built with the solid-state drive for faster processing. He's loves it and has had no problems. It's not the brand new version with retina display though. He bought it in May directly from Apple. Did you buy yours direct? I've always found Apple to have excellent service if you need help.

    I use the blogger interface because it's easier. I dabbled with WP but don't have the time to figure it out. I've never tried other platforms. Sorry I can't help there. :(

    Hugs to you. Hang in there!!

  5. Oh hon... I am so sorry! Ug, this is all you need w/ trying to plan Livvy's party. I wish I could help, but I don't use Mac (I wish I did) & I also use plain ole Blogger... which does suck sometimes, but It's all I have. I hope you get it all figured out love, I'm sure you will! XO

    LOVE Livvy pics, as always.)

  6. Awe, sorry girl! I know how much you were looking forward to that computer!! I'm not a mac user so I'm of no help, but I know you will figure it out!! LOVE that first shot (well I love them all) her eyes are gorgeous!

  7. Oh I am so sorry to hear all of this. I wish I had an answer. The foreignness of MAC is what keeps me from making the switch. I just don't know enough about them to feel confident to do it. Would be like learning all over again. I hope someone out there can give you some advice so you can start enjoying your new purchase.

  8. That royally stinks. I am so sorry. You know I am a die hard Live Writer girl. My husband is a huge Mac hater. We have an iPod Touch and an iPad, but he will never let a mac computer in this house. He says they do not play well with others. If I come across any helpful information I will be sure to share it with you.
    Love the pics. Simply adorable!!

  9. Elena,
    I have always used Microsoft Word (Mac version), and then just copy and paste into Blogger along with any images.
    It never "messed" with any formatting, and it is quite a quick way to do it.


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