August 15, 2012

Finally shooting RAW!

Guess what?  I’m finally shooting RAW!  I didn’t think the ol’ laptop was going to be able to handle the RAW files, but I lucked out!  It didn’t shut down once!  It’s amazing how much you can alter a RAW photo file.  So much more than a JPG/JPEG that’s for sure!  You know what I love though?  A photo that barely needs any processing!  As much as I love to have fun with edits, it’s quite refreshing to get a shot that needs little to no tweaking!  Especially when you’ve taken hundreds of photos! 

Right now, I’d like to give myself a little pat on the back!  I actually managed to get a couple good shots in the house and without using my flash!  It’s quite challenging for me especially seeing as the house can be very dark and I don’t like to set my ISO over 800.  With the pictures I’ve attached in this post, I lowered my shutter speed to 40 and 25!  Yes, this is incredibly low and if you don’t have a VERY steady hand your images can come out blurry.  There is nothing worse than blur!  Thank heavens Alivia was still watching TV or I may have never gotten such great shots!  I brightened this first image a bit too much but it’s late, I’m tired, and I just couldn’t find the energy to fix it.  Sorry in advance if you need sunglasses to view!  Nah, I’m just kidding!  I just like to rag on myself every now and then!  I guess it’s not that bad; I’m just very critical of myself!  I’m sure some of you can relate. 

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with these and catch you all on Friday!  I can’t believe another week is almost over!  Oh, and in case you are not familiar with the difference between RAW and JPG, I thought I’d share this post that I found over at Digital Photography School!

135 RSWM

Ah, this next shot is much better.  Yay for proper exposure!

138 RSWM

145 RSWM

146 RSWM

165 RSWM

167 RSWM

I’m linking up the shot below to the following photo challenges…

174 RSWM

the long road

Love the hand on her face in this next shot!  You’d think she was posing!  Either that or thinking!

178 RSWM

179 RSWM

And again with the hand!

186 RSWM

Laughing at the plane going by!

188 RSWM

192 RSWM


  1. Raw is awesome! Sure wish it didn't take up so much room! Gorgeous captures!

  2. Ah, raw, you will never go back!! :0) I also agree, it is refreshing to take a picture that needs no editing! These are great, her eyes are just so gorgeous!!

  3. I shoot raw, but then convert them to digital negatives. It makes smaller files and you can edit them just as a raw file. You will really love shooting like this! This is a great set :)

  4. Raw is awesome ... you can do so much more with it during processing without degrading the file. Love it. I shoot in RAW & JPG mode so i have both, even though 99% of the time I only use the RAW files. I can't believe those shots are at 40 or 25 shutter speed- you have one steady hand girl! You like indoor shots ... you should try a 50mm lens if you don't already have one ... it will change your world LOL! :) I love my 50mm :) (Although most of these kinda look like they were shot with a 50 from the bokeh, especially bert & ernie!!)
    I love the 2nd photo of Alivia (the one where you said you got it right) - so sweet - her big brown eyes are so pretty!!

  5. LOVELY Elena! These are all simply gorgeous. That little adorable munchkin is getting so big!

  6. Love these!! I have shot on and off with RAW. They are so big!! I will have to try what Molly said. :)

  7. Your daughter is simply beautiful! I love shooting raw too! It makes such a big difference.

  8. Yay for shooting RAW! I switched a few months ago, and will never go back. I agree with Molly - I convert to DNG on import.

    Love those little toes! And your girlie has some killer lashes. Jealous. ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, your daughter is so precious. I love the pictures you shared.


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