August 15, 2012

Alivia’s Birthday – Part 1

We’ll call this post Part 1 since my laptop apparently can’t handle editing RAW files.  I’m hoping to be able to process the rest of my sister’s pictures when I get my new Macbook Pro in a couple weeks! 

So these pictures, like I mentioned in Monday’s post, were taken by my sister so don’t fall off your seat or anything but, yeah, I’m actually in them!  I was having such a great time processing these pictures until my computer would randomly shut down when I opened a RAW file.  It was ridiculous!  You can imagine how long it took me just to process these ones that I’ve attached here. 

Anyhow, I’d get comfortable if I were you, you’re in for quite a few pictures!  Oh, and incase you are interested, Alivia’s dress was purchased on Amazon but the designer is Jelly the Pug!  I can’t say enough about this dress.  Not only was it gorgeous, but it was made very well and the adjustable straps (that tie in the back) let you adjust it perfectly to fit your little one!  Did I mention it was affordable too?  Oh, and her headband was purchased from Janie & Jack.  I just happened to luck out, it matched perfectly!

7413 RSWM1

7415 RSWM

7418 RSWM

7421 RSWM

7431 RSWM

7443 RSWM

7449 RSWM

7449 RSWM B&W

7453 RSWM B&W

7454 RSWM Sepia

7471 RSWM

7477 RSWM1

7480 RSWM

7486 RSWM

7524 RSWM

7524 RSWM B&W

7532 RSWM

7550 RSWM

7552 RSWM

7555 RSWM

7616 RSWM


  1. Awe, these are so great, that dress is absolutely adorable! I'm going to have to look them up!! Also it's nice to see you in some pics, gorgeous Mama! :)

  2. Awwww! Ok. first off the little dress is AMAZING! Looks like she had the most perfect day! These pics are incredible. Secondly... now I see where Livvy get's that magical hair... her hot mama! Girlfriend YOU are stunning! LOVEEE your dress too! Hope to see more pics, & that you get your computer issues fixed soon... I know how frustrating that all is) xo

  3. I love her dress! And you are gorgeous!

  4. Aaaw, you both look amazing! I love her dress! (And yours too!) What a beauty she is. I love the first pic the best. So cute!

  5. I really love the photo of you holding Alivia and your both looking out the window - that i beautiful and such a great shot of the 2 of you! I think us mama's don't get in the picture often enough with our kids- it is nice to see Mama in so many shots! Yay! And her dress is to die for - soooo cute! I love girly dresses! I have seen that 'brand' of dress on and - they sell designer brands for super discount - great stuff!
    And that just super sucks about your computer... soon enough you will have your mac... i hope!!

  6. OH what a fun party!!!!!!! I just adore that dress. I wonder how large they make them. I always look for adjustable things because my girls are tall but thin- so anything that is the proper length for them is miles too wide & has to be taken in. I just love those pics of you two together. Beautiful-

  7. Lovely photos and I love Alivia's dress, so cute! I'm glad she had a lovely birthday :) xo K

  8. You and Alivia both look gorgeous! I absolutely love her dress!!
    ♥ Kyna

  9. You two are gorgeous! And I love her dress. Looks like she had a wonderful day :)

  10. Great pictures and what an amazingly beautiful girl!

    I am starting a link-up this week that I'd love for you to be part of. It just went live and is a photo show and tell where we can come together and share the images and stories from our lives. I'd love it if you'd consider linking up some of the amazing pictures I often see on your blog.

    Hope to see you there!

    And good luck in RAW--haven't gotten there yet.


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