August 28, 2012

Are you using actions?

Since I got a new laptop I also made the switch from Photoshop Elements (PSE) to Photoshop CS6 (PS).  I was a little hesitant to make the transition because 1) Photoshop was very expensive and 2) I’d grown to love some actions that I had purchased strictly for PSE.  Actions that I hadn’t yet learned how to create manually.  I recently repurchased them on Paint the Moon and am so happy I did.  They work so much better in PS (or I think so anyway).  Not to mention the action selection has changed since I last purchased them and the bundles included actions like remove color cast and remove the wonky colors (love that word “wonky”)!  Today, I thought I’d share some before and after images.  I like to do this every now and then as I know it can be useful (or fun at the very least) to see how others are editing their images. 

Okay, so here I go.

Before I even open an image in PS, I’ve been taking advantage of my Canon editing software to adjust my RAW file; things like exposure, contrast, hue, tint, noise, etc.  I do quick corrections knowing that I will do my final touches in PS.  My goal is to familiarize myself with ALL the various tools within PS, but until then, these actions have been working fabulously!  I’m sure that even when I figure out how to create these effects manually, that I’ll still use them as a means to minimize the length of time I dedicate to photo editing.  They are a HUGE timesaver! 

Here’s what I bought:

1) The Essentials and
2) Miracle Makeover

One of my favorites is the Cuts like a knife action.  I don’t like to sharpen the entire photo so it works perfectly for me as it allows you to paint the sharpening affect on.  I am also loving the Fix color cast (for the skin) action!  OMG, it’s pure genius; no it’s magic!  It’s definitely MAGIC!  Then there is Sparkle eyes that allows you to brighten the irises, whiten the whites, darken the pupil, etc.  The additional seriously cool actions that these bundles include are web actions like Watermark logo bar and resizing.  Anyhow, let me get to it…

Before actions on the left / After actions on the right
I didn’t have my original images to share in the next three comparisons.
The images on the left were edited but I did not use actions yet.
The images on the right are after the actions were applied.

See the color cast I removed from her nose and upper lip in all three of these photos?
I also used the sharpening, sparkle eyes, and web resize actions.

3444 RSWM3444 RSWM

3442 RSWM3442 RSWM

3440 Original just RSWM3440 RSWM

This next image (on the left) is my original.  I happened to still have it.

Original on the left / Edited on the right
The Sparkle Eyes action in this shot, although subtly used, really made a difference!

3433 original just RSWM3433 RSWM
 bree his honey and her mama
I also wanted to link up the  image below to the photo challenge over at Dear Beautiful Boy.
The theme is help.
I couldn’t think of anything better than this photo of Alivia trying to get in her wagon.
She was quite determined to do it herself, but finally asked Mama for help.
3404 RSWM


  1. I've got to figure out elements before I spring for the whole tamale! Nice edits!

  2. I did the exact opposite - haha - When I went to Mac, I went from CS3 to PSE10. Someone gave me my CS3 license originally and I wasn't able to transfer it to MAC - and that was my biggest hesitation about switching over.
    So I decided to download PSE and try it out - I found out I could still do everything I did before with CS3 including actions ... so I decided to stick with PSE. I still miss Photoshop ... but PSE is doing ok for me. I love the Paint the Moon actions sooo much! I have not bought any yet - but that is on my list of things to do next... I use some Coffeeshop actions that are pretty cool too and they were free. But I really want to try PTM!! :)
    Nice job on those photos!! :) As always!

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  4. I have been wanting to purchase some actions , but have been nervous to because I haven't mastered photoshop yet. Your daughter has amazing hair!

  5. I've been thinking about getting the Miracle Makeover. Worth it? I have one of PTM's sets already.

  6. You are going to love CS6, Elena!
    As always, your photographs of this sweet little one are gorgeous.
    Thank you for the actions info.

  7. Adorable photos! She's so cute you must just eat her up every day ;)

    I love Paint the Moon and had all of those actions for PS4. I upgraded to PS6 a couple of months ago but have only really been using it for a couple of weeks. It looked so different to me that I was avoiding it, lol. Now that I'm using it though, I am really liking it. I still have a ton to learn!! I do have a few free actions I use and I have some Florabella, but I miss some of the Paint the Moon actions I loved. Upgrading can be sooooooo expensive. When I upgraded my camera I had to upgrade my software to read the files from my camera, and then I had to upgrade my presets and actions too. Oy! Photography is an expensive proposition! I know you know what I mean ;)

  8. Oh yes- I have those & use some of them every single day. Then there are others that I rarely touch. I just picked up the FloraBella Colorplay when they came out - OMG I love them so much. I have hundreds that just sit there & then there are others that I feel like I can't live without!

  9. I love the photo you've linked up with See It Snap It Love It. It's so cute how determined children get about being independent. And makes it very sweet when they do eventually admit defeat and ask for help. Thanks so much for linking up. x

  10. I've been into getting presets for LR4 lately, & having SO much fun with it! LOVE. LOVVEEEE you edits mama! MISSED you & your awesome posts. I will catch up here eventually girlfriend!


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