June 10, 2011

A Reflection of Some Things

Okay, so I was a bit bummed I had no pictures to participate in this weeks theme for Theme Thursday at Another Day Another Diaper.  The theme being REFLECTION.  Yesterday, however, I got inspired and started clicking away around the house searching for anything and everything that produced or showed reflection.  I wanted to share all of my reflection pictures since each one was so different, but I'm using the first one as my submission for the photo challenge.  This is what I came up with:

This first one is a reflection of my kitchen chandelier in a framed piece of art on the wall.  I loved the composition, coloring, and haziness of this photo!

This second one is a reflection of, you guessed it, me.  Even though this picture has been done over and over again, I had to include it!  I love the butterfly mirror!

This one below shows a reflection of the windows in the lens of my daughter's DIVA sunglasses.  I added the bubbles and frame in Corel PaintShop Pro which I've just started learning and loving! 

This last one is of my Livvy looking at her reflection in our dishwasher.  Let's see stainless steel produce that reflection!  She was too funny as she leaned in to give herself kisses. 

The remaining pictures are just randomness of objects I thought would make great pictures.  You may see a consistent theme in this series. 

1. Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag (which I absolutely love).  This is her "Cake" series.  I just love the name.  So cute!  I've included the link for those that may be interested!

2. This is a piece of wall art that I bought at a town fair a couple years ago.  I love the bright colors. 


3. I bought this butterfly at Pier 1 Imports with the intention of using it to hold back one side of my curtain panels in my living room.  It has a clip on it that is hidden in this picture.  Unfortunately it didn't work out.  The clip just seemed to be in the wrong place.  I did, however, find a spot for it in the house!  It was way too pretty to return!

4.  The below picture is of the fireplace mantel.  I decided to add a texture to this too!  I wanted it to look like canvas.

So, what's the theme?  YES it's TURQUOISE, my favorite color!

,and just when you thought I had no more pictures to share - SURPRISE, I have one more!  This one is of a wall clock I bought for my daughter's room.  It hangs right over her changing table and she smiles every time she sees it.

I used a vintage tool in Corel PaintShop to edit this and I think the frame fit perfectly. 


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  1. All beautiful photos.. Your submission for reflection is so cool, I love how hazy it looks too. Love your turquoise objects, your diaper bag is lovely!! :) thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment, Happy Friday!


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