June 5, 2011

A Birthday Bash

I actually got out of the house today.  Livvy's cousin, Esterina, just turned 1!  I took some pictures that came out great but out of respect for my sister-in-laws privacy I will not post them, at least until I get permission.  I did, however, get a couple of Livvy's, well, piggies.  As in "this little piggy went to the market".  Her piggies are my favorite part.  No her belly is.  No her cheeks are.  No, wait, her little chubby fingers are. 

Okay so every part of her is a favorite!  You will also see other picture randomness.  I just wanted to use my camera today.  Sometimes I can't help myself! 

Like my books?  Yes the one underneath it is Blogging for Dummies.  What can I say? 

Below, from the birthday party to keep the balloons from flying away!

I saw some photo challenges on line where the theme was beads and I thought, hmmmm, what a cool idea. 


  1. Baby feet and toes... so, so cute!! :)

    I love the shade of green on the necklace --beautiful!

  2. Aw, I love the baby feet! So cute! Thanks for stopping by! Loved having ya!


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