June 2, 2011

Another Photo Challenge

Okay, so here is another photo challenge I chose to enter!  These are fun!

My Reflection of Something

The Challenge:

Your challenge? Take this already lovely photo and give it your own style. You can use any editing program you like. Crop, color, texture, quotes, effects, actions... anything you can come up with is fair game! Just make sure that you share a little bit about your process with us, so we can learn from each other!

And here are my edits made with http://www.picnik.com/:

- adjusted exposure
- adjusted saturation
- sharpened
- used a softening effect in the background
- brightened eyes
- used a vignette
- etc., etc., etc.


  1. Love the softness in the edit! Great job!

  2. Really nice - draws the eye in.

  3. Love how my eyes are immediately drawn to her face. Beautiful edit! Your blog is lovely!


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