March 11, 2013

Some camera applications (oh, and a freebie)!

I know what you’re thinking.  Have some freakin’ instagrams right?  I’ve been having fun with some new phone applications!  It’s funny that even with all the new applications I’ve tried, I still revert back to Line Camera.  It has so many great features and I find myself using the clear effect on almost all of my phone pictures.  It’s great at boosting the quality of the image especially for people that have, excuse my language here, CRAPPY phone cameras!  If you are interested, some other great camera applications are:

Line Camera for Android
Line Camera for iPhone
Gif Camera
Pudding Camera

From left to right:

1st column: Livi fell asleep on the way to Auntie Gina’s house / Still sleeping / a little hairy devil I know (I haven’t had a chance to wax lately)!
2nd column: Livi’s cousin, Esterina / Livi watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse / cuddling and, may I add, exhausted cousins
3rd column: Tax time! / the hubby (you think he would be happier here, we ARE getting a refund) / sleeping beauty (it seems like she is always sleeping).  Don’t let her fool you.  It’s just the only time she is still so that I can get a picture!
4th column: ahhhhh, my fireplace (it’s so nice on a cold snowy day) / love this image; she looks stoned (look at her eyes under the glasses)!  Just to clarify, she is NOT stoned. I just caught her in the middle of a blink. I swear! / the Easter bunny (pretty cute right)?
5th column: playing with her cars on the window / she wanted me to take a picture of her cars / randomness by the window (but cute randomness).
6th column: have a little snow!  I’m seriously done with Winter! / the Easter bunny again (she likes to switch it up a bit)! / we have quite the artist in the house.  I have to hang all of her artwork on the fridge!

Instagram Collage 030713

Want your own 18 image storyboard?  It is a .psd file and should open in both Photoshop & PSE! 
Speaking of storyboards, did you catch mycreating your own storyboard video tutorial post?
Feel free to check it own and have some fun creating your very own!


and lastly, I wanted to link up the following image:

Can you stand the cuteness?

4497 RS toned with blue
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  1. Thanks for the freebie!! Cute photos.

  2. What a fun freebie! Love the shots you used!

  3. She's dear and I love to see kids when they are sleeping!

  4. Oh my word. Your daughter is ADORABLE! What a great picture. I can almost hear her laughing!

  5. Adorable! Thank you for the storyboard!

  6. Such a fun pic of your daughter! Thanks for the freebie and the heads-up on Line Camera. :)

  7. So many wonderful possibilities, excellent if you have a phone camera.

  8. I wish you could know how your comment made me smile today!!! I haven't posted in about 2 months, so I haven't received a comment in nearly that long. So today I was like WOW!! What a great feeling!! :-)
    We have been building a house for the past 5 months and we're finally in the home stretch. Tomorrow we will be officially homeless (eek!) ... our current house sold before our new house is ready. But after we get in and settled, I want to start up the blog again.
    I can't believe how big your sweet girl has grown! She's just PRECIOUS and her hair has gotten so long! xoxo

  9. Oh line camera - I use that sometimes... but have slowed down taking pictures on my iphone lately. Need to get outdoors to take decent shots with that phone :)
    I love the picture of Livi with her towel on - out of the bath - I think Julianna is the cutest right after bath time too! hehe! Oh and we have wheelies too - they go with my daugters garage that she loves!! :) I need to try the storyboard when I get enough shots on my iphone - maybe I'll try that next!

  10. thanks for the freebie! how nice to have a template that holds more than 9 photos! love your site and your daughter is adorable! new follower, found you through Your Best Weekly.

  11. She's so adorable! And you look pretty good in horns and a mustache :)
    Thanks for linking up for WW!

  12. I am so glad you did this post. I really needed to be reminded of this- it's all too easy to forget in the whole process isn't it??!!


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