March 24, 2013

Button Swap Anyone!

It’s that time again and I just have to ask…
Do you want to swap bloggy buttons?  You know, I’ll post your button in my sidebar and you do the same for me!  A little like scratching each others back I guess!  If you are interested, feel free to drop me a comment and we can discuss.  My buttons are readily available on my buttons page in a variety of sizes.  If, however, you need a different size just let me know and I’d be happy to customize it for your site.  Just be sure to contact me first so that I can grab your button as well!  
Quick reminder: I just added the Facebook Fan Page Like button to my sidebar.  If you like my page, drop me a comment so that I can return the favor!
If you missed Friday’s post on Using HTML to Insert Images into Posts, feel free to catch up!  Additionally, if you like my blog, you can vote for it here (by just clicking on this button)!  I would greatly appreciate it!

Okay, now on to my Instagrams.
From left to right.

1st column: Livi napping without having to be on top of me (this was the most exciting event of the week)! / My mom’s home made pizzelles (yummy) / Livi contemplating getting up on the bed (even after I told her not to)
2nd column: Livi with Doc McStuffin’s (I seriously love this series; it’s so sweet) / Livi wanted me to take a picture of JUST Doc. / Sitting on the big girl chair
3rd column: Mommy and Me (yay, pictures with me in them)
4th column: Nana (my mom) trying on a new jacket she just bought / playing ball with mommy / still playing if mommy will put her phone camera down
5th column: “I can balance this ball on my head mama” / “and on my foot” / Livi and Nana (she was just about getting fed up with all the pictures)
6th column: “I love my Nana” (boy does she ever)
7th column: blowing kisses / little feet, big feet / eating cookies that Nana made (she couldn’t get enough)

I love this next image of Livi with her cousin and Grammy!
She did not want to go home this day.
We ended up staying until bed time (no, I’m not whipped or anything).

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  1. I renewed your button on my site for the next 3 months. Thanks for swapping.

  2. OH I love the image with Grammy! I think this is the first time I have saw lovely.

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting ~ Wonderful photos ~ love them all ~ Beautiful people ^_^

  4. Teresa from NanaHood is a new follower! Thanks for visiting me and I'm more than happy to return the favor. Precious pictures! Teresa

  5. I voted! Love your storyboard- great shots! And Doc Mcstuffins - I love that cartoon but Julianna refuses to watch it for some reason!? I have no idea why LOL.

  6. I've just added your 200x200 button to my blog! And I've liked your Facebook page. You're a very talented photographer!


  7. So cute! I'd be happy to swap if you still have space.

  8. Just voted for you! And added your button to my page, you can find mine at


  9. I am returning the blog blog from the Friend Connect Blog Hop. Your daughter is absolutly adorable! I would love to switch buttons with you. I will go ahead and add yours to my sidebar. You can find mine on the side panel of my blog :)

    Justina @


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