March 27, 2013

Managing your social networks (how many do you belong to)?

I don’t know about you, but I can get overwhelmed sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) when it comes to networking especially belonging to 13 social networks.  No, that’s not a typo.  I belong to 13 social networks (see below).  Using them to meet new people with common interests and to maintain existing relationships/friendships is, although fun, VERY time consuming.  Before I know it, I’ve been on my computer for hours (headache from staring at a bright screen and hand cramps from continuous typing included).  Just when I think I’m finished and am about to log out, I still have to link up my most current blog post.  I’m tired just thinking about it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to copy your blog post url and paste it into a message that, once sent, would get distributed across all of your social networks at the same time?  You know, sort of like magic.  You do believe in magic right?  Well, I certainly do which is what prompted my search for something that would, for the love of God, help me do just this!

1. Facebook (personal page)
2. Facebook (fan page)
4. Google+ (profile)
5. Google+ (page)
In the midst of my research, I found multiple applications/programs that allowed you to do this but they all fell short when it came to the number of social networks they supported (allowed you to connect with).  In other words, not one had the ALL of the social networks that I was using which was rather disappointing.  And just when I thought I had struck gold!
Well I don’t know how you feel, but I think gold is a bit over rated.  Why was I turning my nose up to these applications that, even with their short comings, would still save me time in the end?  Even if they supported half of the social networks that I belonged to, that would save me 6.5 additional log ons and links to be posted.  Um, yeah, I’ll take it! 
It was a no brainer which one I would choose.  The only one that supported the most social networks on my long list of 13 was Hootsuite.  I decided, after using it for a week, that I would highly recommend it.  For the social networks it didn’t support, it made up for in applications it allowed me to connect with.  Let me see if I can explain.
At the top of the Hootsuite application, there is a compose message box.  Once you’ve composed your message (links and all), it allows you to choose the social networks you’d like to post to via a drop down list.  Some of the networks on my list, for example Chime In, is considered an application so this will not show up in your social networks drop down list.  You are, however, still able to see the activity and post to these applications from Hootsuite just not via the compose message box/option.  Instead, you would navigate to their tab and post from there.  No big deal really.  I was just ecstatic that I could do everything from one program (for the most part).  Even as I type these very words, I am downloading some of my images for this post to flickr via hootsuite!  Not too shabby right? 
Additionally, and sort of related, I thought I’d share this awesome Social Network Media Cover Photo Dimensions Cheat Sheet!  This was a HUGE help for me!  No more having to search the internet for social network header/background dimensions to customize your pages.  This post was definitely print worthy.  I keep it in a binder and refer to it often. 
Lastly, is everyone ready for EASTER?  I can’t believe it is this weekend!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s Easter pictures next week!  I hope to have some as well.  I can’t promise though.  I’m the worst at using my camera on holidays!  I much rather socialize!  It’s not often, as a stay at home mom, that I get to engage in adult conversation so I sort of relish in it!
Hootsuite Screen Shot RS

I had to share these next few images of Alivia.  The hubby did her hair and I thought it was so adorable!

4651 RS 4655 RS 
She cracks me up!
The hubby was standing behind me making faces to make her smile.
Instead of a smile, I got this! Score!

Alivia playing with Tom Cat

4664 RS 
And, apparently, she cracks herself up too!

4662 RS

And the man responsible for all the giggles, face making, and smiles…

4665 RS
Little by Little photo blog2_zps186f8496.pngThursday Favorite Things

As a reminder, I added a Facebook Fan Page Button to my sidebar.  If you like my page, feel free to drop me a comment so I can return the favor.

Also if you missed my last post Like Me on Facebook Wednesday, I hope you’ll check it out and link up! 


  1. I adore little girls in pig tails :)

    I really should try hoot suite. Thanks for the tips!!

  2. She is precious and nothing is better than a Dad that can style little girl's hair :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your photography and your tutorials on how to edit photos.


  3. So sweet. Love that confused face.

  4. Alivia is a doll! What a precious child! She is just so beautiful. Thank you for the Hootsuite tip! I currently use buffer, but I don't know if it covers all my sharing options. I'm going to find out!

  5. Wow she just has the best facial expressions ever!


  6. Well... your husband is better at little girl hair than mine LOL - I caught my husband brushing Julianna's curly hair (Big no no!) and I had to show him the basics for when I am away next week for work - so she doesn't go to daycare looking like a crazy kid haha.
    As for social networks - I had to cut back - too much to keep up on for me - I usually just focus on facebook now - I hardly touch twitter any more. It's all kind of repetitive. I just joined feedly and blog lovin to test out the 'blog readers' now that google reader is going away- they are both kind of the same - and both are good on the iphone too - but I wan to choose the one with the least amount of work. haha. I also removed google plus b/c I just didnt' see the point to it - and it has a lot of hidden things it reveals about you that you need to purposely turn off. You belong to a ton of networks! i give you credit!! :)

  7. Very interesting and informative post. I love the pictures. Your daughter is adorable. It is a long 4 day holiday weekend in Jamaica. Have a Happy Easter. I am now a Follower of your Blog.

  8. It's crazy how many social networks there are nowadays, I really need to look into this more as I go on and share to mine individually. Your little girl is beautiful, I love her pigtails!

  9. Wonderfully fun photos of your daughter! She is so adorable.

    Social networking and computer time can become overwhelming. There are days I think I should shut my computer and forget it and other days I love blogging and all the opportunities the internet offers. Sometimes I feel like I'm on information overload!! :) There's always one more interesting article or one more profile to check out or video etc etc!!!

  10. What a cute little girl!
    I signed up for a Hootsuite account but haven't been good at using it. I need to!

  11. Such a gorgeous family... Love this post. I will be sure to look into the Hootsuite. Thanks for sharing. :-)


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