March 26, 2013

Educational Toy Recommendations

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I’ve been meaning to share some images of my little one’s BIG GIRL BED!  If I really was a good mom, I would have posted these months ago when Livi first starting sleeping in it which was before Christmas (if you can imagine).  It’s amazing that I got around to taking pictures at all!  One day the hubby and I awoke to find Livi out of her crib!  Pretty much my worst nightmare.  I had always anticipated a BIG fall, head injury and/or broken bones included.  We are lucky that, apparently, she is pretty durable.  Anyhow, from that day on she did not sleep in the crib.  In fact, because we did not purchase the toddler bed converter with our crib we had no choice but to set up the big girl bed immediately.  So much for transitioning her slowly.  For a few nights, we had her crib mattress on the floor until we purchased a full size mattress and box spring.  She didn’t like sleeping on the floor much.  I couldn’t really blame her.  I think she was accustomed to the enclosure of the crib setting.  To make a long story short, we purchased a full size mattress within less than a week and she was sleeping in her big girl bed in no time at all!  It took some time for her to get used to it, but overall she made the transition smoothly!  Of course now she wakes up much earlier than she used to but, still, she has always been and still is (luckily) a great sleeper!

Big Girl Bedroom 032713

So the big girl bed started me to think of big girl toys.  Livi has quite a few of them.  The ones that stand out most to me, though, are these four educational ones I thought I’d share with you.  The links and images provided are from Amazon.

1. MindWare Imaginets
One word for you: “AWESOME”!
Recommended ages: 3 years and up
Great for fine motor and thinking skills
The challenge: try to recreate the images on the cards with magnetic shapes
MindWare Imaginets

2. Animal Pattern Blocks by Melissa & Doug
Recommended ages: 2 years – 6
Also good for fine motor skills, shape learning & recognition
The challenge: Match the colorful shape pieces to the puzzle board shapes to create an animal
Bonus: Boards are double sided

Animal Pattern Blocks Set
3. Sort & Snap Color Match by Melissa & Doug
Recommended age: 2 years
Great for color sorting and recognition skills
The challenge: Use colorful pegs to match colors on the reversible picture cards
Bonus: Yes these, too, are double sided
Sort & Snap Color Match

4. Big Button Number Fun by, you guessed it, Melissa & Doug
Recommended ages: 3 years – 7
Learn numbers and shapes
The challenge: match the number cards and shapes for each board

Big Button Number Fun

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  1. I my lanz! I just love it! Great post!

  2. Oh how lovely!!! So cute happy girl with new bed! :) And I love those owls!

  3. I love Livi's bed- such pretty colors! And I love her room! With the toys, it's so crazy how fast they 'graduate' to newer & more advanced toys. I am constantly cycling stuff out of J's room so she has her more advanced educational ones to play with. I look at some of the stuff she was playing with 6 months ago and they seem too simple or baby-ish already. We have that toy bin (in the first pic) too by the way - its a wonderful thing to hold all those 'little' pieces of everything!

  4. Hi! Dropping in from the GFC Hop! Adorable site! Hoping you'll hop over and return the follow! Thanks for Co-hosting!-Ginger from

  5. What an adorable bedroom! I love the hanging book collection... and second the Imaginets toy. We have something similar for the boys, it's wonderful for little creative minds!

  6. beautiful!! and I agree educational toys that are fun are the very best way to learn...and that creativity pays off later in life too!!

  7. What a cute bed - I love the bedding! And your little one is adorable!

  8. Now that's a bed! She looks so cute peering over it! I love that button toy. So much you can do with it.

  9. Her bedroom is perfect in can tell she just loves it.

  10. such beautiful photos of your lovely little girl and her amazing room, I love the look of the magnetic shape game I love all the Orchard toys for games they always are alot of fun
    I'm off to like your facebook page now x

  11. Where is this bedding from? I love it!


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