May 1, 2012

Issues with Posting?

Now onto more frustrating things...

I hate to be a complainer, but I've been experiencing some problems with Blogger.  When I draft my posts and format them exactly the way I want them, the minute I hit that Publish button, my formatting changes.  When I say formatting, I am referring to the spacing between lines, paragraphs, pictures, etc.  For example, let's just say I single space between paragraphs and double space between pictures (using the enter/return key), then I publish the post only to find it has completely reformatted itself.  Once in a blue moon Blogger will remove line spaces, but mostly it will add additional line spaces between content so that there are HUGE gaps of empty space between paragraphs and pictures.  Then my posts look sloppy.  Additionally, I draft posts that I am not ready to publish at that very moment so I will save and close them.  The next time I open these same posts to make updates, the formatting is entirely different.  It is quite frustrating to say the least.  Sometimes I have to go into that post and reformat it multiple times (usually 4 or 5 times) for it to finally be correct.  I'm way too anal to let it go.  So now that I've vented, I feel a little better.  I wanted to show you what I mean, so I've attached screen shots of the way I format my posts (pictures 1 & 2) and screen shots of the way Blogger reformats my posts (pictures 3 & 4).  Damn you Blogger!

It's a little funny, I have to laugh or I just might cry, that Blogger actually removed spaces between lines in this example which usually happens rarely.  I don't know if you can see it from the screenshot, and this is a new thing, but it also reformatted the font type starting at the word 'Additionally.'  What the #$%@!

 And in this 4th screen shot is added some spaces between lines.

Is anyone else experiencing this same problem?  If so, I'd love to hear from you.  Maybe there is a way to fix this?  I reported the problem to Blogger but haven't heard anything so who knows if it will ever be resolved.

On a different note, I'm sad to say I didn't get many new pictures over the weekend.  Only Instagrams.  So here is another weekend day in Instagram randomness. 
1. It went from around 67 degrees to 55 degrees in a matter of an hour.  Crazy!
2. Alivia asking to watch Mickey Mouse.
3. Mr. Potato Head is NOT only for kids.
4. Alivia playing with Mr. Potato Head.
5. My awesome Acorn slippers!  They are so comfortable!  I want to cry 'cause I left them over my sister's house!
6. Mr. Polar Bear.
7. Alivia drinking her morning bottle on the stairs.
8. Alivia asking for more milk.
9. A snack for Alivia.  Armenian bread.  Yummy!

I'm also linking up to the Sweet Shot Tuesday Photo Challenge over at My 3 Boybarians.  It's a PIGGY shot!  I just love little piggies!  She's lucky she still has hers and I haven't eaten them up by now ;o)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. I know your pain with the formatting! And I figured out how to fix it!

    When you're composing your new post in blogger there's a panel to the right that says post settings. Click on options and under line breaks make sure that Press "enter" for line breaks is selected.

    Also, I like to use the HTML tab, not the compose tab. It gives you more control over the formatting.

    Hope that helps!

    The new interface is not my favorite, but this helped A LOT!

    1. Thanks so much Meagan! Unfortunately I alread tried this even before I posted this and it didn't work. Sometimes if I use the HTML tab I have better luck. When I figure it out, I'll have to write a follow-up post.

  2. First off... OMGoodness LOVE the angle on the ADORABLE tootsies shot! She could not be any cuter mama!

    Secondly... HALLELUJAH. OMGosh, I've had the same problem! I've seriously been going nuts. It only happens every few posts... so just when I think all is ok... there it is AGAIN! URRG! Girl, if I find anyway to fix it, I'll let ya know) I also emailed blogger)

    LOVE your weekly pics!

  3. Ahhhh- isn't it a pain when these things happen & we can't figure out why. So sorry to hear you are struggling with this. Wish I knew what to do- but I am perplexed.

  4. That happens with me and I hate it! I've used Windows Live Writer for some time now and love it! I was always having issues with composing posts in Blogger too. WLW is free too!

    1. Hey Sarah: Before I replied I wanted to check out WLW. I tried it and unfortanately it only sort of worked. It will not keep my text justified and it added some spacing between some of my sentences when I published my test post. Weird! I'm still trying to figure out a way to fix this. Thanks so much for your feedback though. I will still use WLW as it is more flexible than Blogger. I love that you can wrap text around your picture too; very cool!


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