March 4, 2013

An image editing tutorial (in Photoshop CS6)

I’ve received some inquiries about how I am editing my photos and I’d love nothing more than to share my process with those that are interested.  Of course, this was my first time recording a video on my computer so it was quite the experience. And can I be totally honest?  I sort of hate the sound of my own voice on video.  I feel like it doesn’t even sound like me.  Also, I apologize in advance for the background noise.  I recorded in complete silence but for some reason my video contains a little white noise.  I’m not really sure what it is.  All I can think of is that it may have been caused by the microphone.  It is also a whoppin’ 30 minutes long.  I know what you are thinking.  Boy what a snooze fest.  I didn’t mean to go on and on and on but let me just tell you how easy it was.  Seriously, I had more to say.  Thank heavens I chose to leave some things out.  I also tend to be a little repetitive, but I wasn’t sure how familiar with Photoshop my audience would be so I wanted to be sure to be thorough.  Anyhow, here are few pointers to view the video at its best quality.

  • I would turn your volume way up.  When I played it back I had to do this.
  • I recorded in 1080 but apparently YouTube will only allow for 720 which they still consider high definition.  While 720 is still pretty reasonable, zooming it to full screen shows it a bit blurry/fuzzy.  I would recommend viewing at a larger size but not at it’s maximum (full screen).  There is an option to choose the large player.
  • If the video I attach does not view well or you have trouble opening, please feel free to use the LINK which will take you to YouTube.  I think the link will allow for more viewing options also (like viewing at 720 and using the large player).

Of the images below, the one in the second row is the one I chose to do the tutorial on.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment.  Also, for those that enjoy this tutorial, I will be posting another within the upcoming week!

She is an absolute mess in these photos, but I think that’s why I am so in love with them!  The hair on this kid just cracks me up. 

Oh, and I promised pictures of Livi’s Easter dress.  As she watched me photograph it she pleaded with me to wear it.  I had to explain to her that is was for a special day and that we didn’t want to get it dirty.  Seriously, my kid is amazing.  She is so understanding even at 2 1/2 years old.

Collage 8 portraits no shadow


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