April 30, 2013

Free set of Number Flash Cards!

Does your tot know his/her numbers yet?  I know when my little one was learning her numbers that she responded very well to flash cards.  Very well is putting it mildly too.  She used to walk around everywhere with them asking me over and over again "What's this mama"?  I loved her enthusiasm for wanting to learn.  Of course Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss helped tremendously.  Their flash cards were by far the cutest I have ever seen! 

Now I can't compete with Eric Carle or Dr. Seuss, but I thought the flash cards I designed myself (below) weren't too shabby!  What kid doesn't love stuffed animals?  I tested them on my little one and apparently I did good.  She loved them just as much if not more than my store bought ones!  

Today, I'd like to share them with all of you!  I only created ones for numbers 1-10, but it's a good start.  Besides I couldn't fit anymore stuffed animals in the frame without them becoming so small the child would barely be able to see them let alone count them!  

Supplies needed:

  • Printer (nothing swanky, just a color printer).  I think I paid around $125 for my all-in-one HP.
  • 4 x 6 Advanced or Premium Photo Paper. I recommend using a soft gloss finish for best results.

That's it!  Hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful Wednesday!


Photos of Flashcards
Flashcard Example

If you missed my previous post Free set of 5 Digital Polaroids and Frames, be sure to check it out!  C'mon, it's FREE!

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  1. What a sweet idea!! Have you ever sold your creations before? I bet they'd be a hit!

    Thanks for linking up for ww!

  2. Aww... These are adorable!! I love them. :-)

  3. These are adorable.. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good luck with these, they are beautiful.


  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My little guy responds well to flash cards too! He's a lot younger than Alivia but he still learns very well using them. I wanted to design my own alphabet cards and never seem to have the time but this sure helps!

  6. We are past flash card stage, but these are adorable! Wish I would have thought of this when mine were smaller!

  7. Awww, those are cute. :)


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  8. these flash cards are adorable! love jellycats!

  9. These are cute! My daughter loves flashcards but she is at the point where we're doing addition and subtraction on hers. :)

  10. Hi! My daughter Madison picked your name for the Winner of the April Book Giveaway- Madison and GA (My Guardian Angel) The Tale of the Slimy Spitball! I'd love to post a picture of your daughter on my site if you are okay with it. I can take one off of your site or you can email me a picture. melissa@melissaproductions.com. Also, please let me know where to send the book and who to autograph it too.

    Blessings to your little angel!



  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog! I'm actually working with kids right now (occupational therapy) so I love hearing about what's worked for real moms! Your little girl is too cute!


  12. Great idea!! Wow! So creative! I need to do this - Julianna is loving her #'s now! Oh and we have that same hot-pink kitty - he came with a book I think. Julianna hates him for some reason and threw him across the room last time I tried to get her to play with him haha. Oh well - you can never know what they'll like!

  13. Thanks for linking up at One Organic Mama! Hope to see you back on Thursday morning!


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