April 28, 2013

Am I a horrible person for finding beauty in Boston?

I was in Boston on Saturday for a hair appointment.  It's not often I get into the city so it's easy to forget how beautiful it can be especially on a warm and sunny Spring day!  For the first time since last year, I got to sport my open toe sandals and pretty pedicured toes!  It was a good day.  A much needed "ME" day and I looked forward to the next two hours I would have to relax in a chair and have someone make me pretty!  With that said, I walked the streets of Boston with a smile on my face.  That is of course, until I got to Boylston Street.

I couldn't help thinking about the ones that were hurt or worse lost their life from the Marathon bombings!  It made me angry and all of a sudden this wave of guilt consumed me.  I felt guilty for finding beauty in a city where such horrific events had occurred.  It was a horrible sick feeling that had me questioning life and asking "Why"?  Why them and not me?  Why them and not you, him, her, or me?  Who decides that?

While I was cuddling with my little one on the couch and you were food shopping, others were in distress, being hurt or killed.  While I was having my afternoon tea and you were celebrating a wedding anniversary, others were in distress, being hurt or killed.  While I was sharing a laugh with my husband and you were drafting your next blog post, others were in distress, being hurt or killed.  Sometimes it's easy to forget about the life that goes on outside your own family or circle of friends until something tragic like this happens!  Oh yeah, that's right.  There IS life outside of my house, my street, my state.  

Every night I've been praying.  I ask for many things.  The most important, right up there with being healthy, is to be safe.  To keep EVERYONE safe!  Everyone including YOU reading this post.  This is my contribution to society.  My prayers.  When I have no control  it just makes sense to put my faith in something or someone larger than myself, larger than all of us!  I HAVE to believe there is a higher power watching over us.  It helps me sleep at night.  It gets me through.  It keeps me going.  I can only hope that those who were affected have coping strategies.  Something needs to work for them.  To get them through.  To keep them going.  

I'll pray on this.

Boston Collage

Too deep for a Monday?  Not to worry, I promise to have fun stuff this week too!

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  1. I love all your beautiful Boston shots! I got your message that you are stopping by from the Hop. I'm already following you love.

  2. I too have some of these feelings after tragedy strikes our country again; But I know there is a higher power (God) knows that their is evil in this world, because we have our own will to do with what we choose. Its those who stray from him who always seem to find darkness and where darkness is lies evil. It festers and these things are a result of it. But do not be ashamed to find the beauty God has laid before you. God is in control he will continue to seek out those who cause his people to be wronged or hurt. As for praying that is what we should do, pray for God's protection, peace, and for others to find him also; so this weary land can once again prosper. I commend you on being brave and placing your words out here on this blog!

  3. Such a lovely post and I couldn't agree more. Great photos of a wonderful city.

  4. As humans, we must find beauty...even in horrible circumstances. The Oklahoma City Memorial is a beautiful place now, and we appreciate it because we all remember what happened there.

  5. We have to bounce back from tragedies like this and see the beauty and love in the world or these people win. It is much harder to bounce back when you are personally affected. I feel so bad for those people. I also believe their is a higher power and I hope the victims have something to hang on to.

  6. One of the few regrets I have about living back East was that I never made it to Boston. We tried to schedule trips there so often and something always happened so we couldn't go. Boo :( It's one of the most historical cities in the country and I can't wait to get there one day!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  7. This is just stunning, and we just have to move on and continue looking at the beauty in things, like you did so well,

  8. Such a sad day - the news went all over the world, and we were also watching it here in Australia, chocked!!
    But what beautiful pictures, I would love to visit one day!!

    Hope you are well and having a great day!

    Karina from Down Under!!

  9. Beautiful photos of a beautiful city! I love Boston and I love your post sharing it's beauty in the wake of an awful tragedy.

  10. Well, Boston is beautiful. I love Bostom - but I love everything about New England. The MIT and Harvard Campuses are gorgeous! I love seeing the kids row down the river. The air is nice, and I love eating at Borders Cafe. Is that still there? I used to love that place:)

    I have great memories of Boston. Just because something tragic happens, doesn't mean it's not beautiful. We must remember that. Those people (that did what they did) they did it to instill terror in us. That's what they do. But we can only control what we do, the way we feel, and how we act. Boston is still Boston like DC is still DC and New York is still New York.

    Thanks for the beautiful post! Love the pictures.

  11. This is my favorite time of year in Boston. I was on Boylston on Sunday and couldn't believe the people gawking at the memorials :( I think it is much better that you were enjoying what Boston truly has to offer!

  12. I adore Boston. I visited last year and just fell in love. Great photos.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  13. gorgeous shots! I love boston

  14. No you are not a bad person for finding beauty in Boston! While what happened was tragic, it does no one any good to dwell on it or not allow themselves to feel happy. The most any of us can do is exactly what you mentioned - to pray for everyone's safety every day while we're praying for our own family's safety. The world needs more positive, happy energy swirling around to lift us all up :)

  15. I love Boston, it is beautiful this time of year. Don't feel guilty about enjoying a beautiful day in a beautiful city. We need to enjoy each day for the people who aren't around to enjoy each day anymore.

  16. Great shots of the city - there is nothing wrong with enjoying your life & doing things for yourself. Your heart is in the right place by thinking of the victims - and there's nothing wrong with that!

  17. Beautiful photos! I have family in Boston so I would occasionally go up there to visit. Boston is a beautiful city. Everytime I would visit makes me want to pack my things and live there. The feeling of that city is content and very inviting. Do not feel guilty at all, enjoy the beauty of Boston and appreciate the city.

  18. I don't think you should feel guilty at all. It is a gorgeous city and one that makes me even prouder to call it home!

    TesoriBelle on Bloglovin


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