April 9, 2013

4 Educational Toy Recommendations!

Once you click on the Read More link and start scrolling down, you’ll see the little cutie that prompted this post!  If you can imagine, these pictures are from Easter!  I’m so behind with my photo processing, it’s a little ridiculous!  I am happy about becoming best buddies with my camera again!  We separated for a few months awhile back there and boy did it hurt.  I just knew we’d get back together though!
Today, I have a few educational toy recommendations for you.  So if you have a little one at home, these are some must have items!
Recommended age: 10 months & up
Good for: hand-eye coordination and shape & color recognition
Caution: children should only use under parental supervision as this toy contains a long string

Recommended age: 6 months – 3 yrs.
Good for: counting, colors, and hand-eye coordination

Recommended age: 18 months – 3 yrs.
Good for: mobile development
Caution: children should only use under parental supervision as this toy contains a long string

4. Melissa & Doug Stacking Train
Recommended age: 2 years and up
Good for: hand-eye coordination
Toy Recommendation Collage 041013

Jake collage post 041013
And linking up to so what Wednesdays…
So here it goes; So what if:
So What Wednesday
I’m still processing my Easter pictures!
I haven’t gotten my hair colored in 6 months and I’m sportin’ gray hairs.
The most activity I’ve gotten lately has been walking the mall to take back just about EVERYTHING!  And I’m tired now.
I’m writing this post right now and I should be getting dinner ready.
I miss my mom only after a day of not seeing her.
I’ve become a blog hop addict!  My name is Elena, and I’m a blog hop-a-holic.
I still haven’t seen the last Twilight movie yet.  And that I just admitted to the public that I watch these.
I get anxiety watching scary movies now.  I’m getting old.
I could watch any and all of the various Housewives episodes.  These women have such dramatic lives!

What are you saying so what to this week?
Happy Kids, Inc

If you missed my previous post Helpful resources for your child’s eye condition (Intermittent Exotropia/Strabismus), feel free to check it out!


  1. Jake is adorable! Those fingers look kinda tasty. :)

  2. Cute baby. I just love baby with bright red cheeks. So adorable. Thanks for providing the educational toys list. Kids going to enjoy this very much and learn at the same time too.


  3. Oh my goodness those eyes!! These all look like great toys. I haven't ever seen that pull along train, but i now know what to look for when I'm next toy shopping for my little one.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the toy tips! You have a beautiful family.


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