July 3, 2012

You’ve got me begging… (& Freebie)

Okay, you guys are not going to make me beg are you?  Okay, okay, then, here it goes…

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, won’t you even consider being a guest blogger on my awesome bloggy site?  We would love to have you!  Still, NO?  Than, how ‘bout a bribe?

I created a fun printable below.  I’ll turn my head and you just take it.  In return, though, you promise to write a little something for my readers.  What do you say?  Deal?

If you are interested, feel free to visit my Guest Bloggers Needed’ post HERE to check out the details.

No, really though, here’s the scoop.  I don’t know about you but when I pack for a trip, it’s no joke!  I always use a packing list to keep me organized.  If I didn’t, I may be inclined to leave something important behind like the baby or something Surprised smile.   So here it is, a two page Summer Vacation Packing List!  It is a two page .jpg file.  Sticky tape, background, and vintage paper courtesy of The CoffeeShop Blog.  I hope you find it useful and ENJOY!

Page 1 Click HERE

Packing List-1 070312

Page 2 Click HERE

Packing List-2 070312

Also, linking up the following photo below to the Photo Challenge over at The Paper Mama.  The theme is ‘Sweet’.  Nothing sweeter than my adorable Alivia!  This is one of my favorite shots of the week!

068 in PSE

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

And linking this next shot up to Sweet Shot Tuesday over at Kent Weakley.

077 RSWM2

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


  1. Lovin' those precious eyes! And, that packing list is such a great idea. Thank you!

  2. I'd love to guest post if you will do the same for me! :)

  3. Hey, I'll totally guest post for you!! I would've said something sooner, but I've been MIA. haha... It's busy, but I'll do a tutorial or something. I'll work on it tonight after Em goes to bed!

  4. BTW, Gorgeous catch lights in those BIG BEAUTIFUL brown eyes!! She's so beautiful!

  5. Very beautiful and adorable Alivia :D

    Thanks for stopping by site. These are great packing list. Please share your printables to Pin It Monday Hop Where you pin and get pinned (LINK). You can share up to 4 post. We are also giving away an Ipad Mini. If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by and join us. I hope to see you there.


  6. 'Love the printables. OK. I'm available for guest posts if you think I am worthy! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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