July 22, 2012


While on vacation in Cape Cod, we had the pleasure of visiting with my sister’s Niece-in-law (NIL) and her 3 month old baby, Jake (or as they like to call him, Jakey)!  So this is my sister’s husband’s niece (his sister’s child).  Let’s call her Bianca.  Why?  Well, ‘cause that’s her name!  So Bianca and Jakey stayed with us for a night and I took every opportunity to snap pictures of this cutie!  Let me just warn you, this infant is ALL boy and man does he have a set of lungs on him!  He has the cutest little infant cry ever!  Really, though, Jake is such a good boy.  He sleeps well, eats well, and poops well!  What more could you ask for?  You know what I love most though?  That adoring look that an infant gives to his mama when he’s all snuggled safe in her arms.  You know that one where they just look up at you as if you were a super hero?  Assuming they even knew what a super hero was of course.  Oh how I love that look.  With that said, I’ll start you off with this photo of Jakey looking up at his mama with his BIG eyes…

093 RSWM

102 RSWM

Love this next shot! 

108 RSWM

And I just had to process it in black and white too!

108 RSWM B&W

Caught a smile.  And boy does he look like his Daddy when he smiles!

126 RSWM

Caught the “deer in headlights” look.
He’s ALL eyeballs!

129 B&W RSWM

129 RSWM

Sleepy baby.
Aren’t they all angels when they sleep?!
I told you he was a good baby.
He gives his mama a rest from the infant cries I think are so darn cute!

134 RSWM

139 RSWM

141 RSWM

142 RSWM

089 RSWM

089 RSWM B&W

And linking up this next shot to Finagle a Foto where the theme this week is Best of Week!

This is Alivia looking up at her Nana!
The way she gets so excited to see her Nana you would think she doesn’t see her for months at a time!
Reality: she sees her Nana at least every other day if not every day!
She is such a lucky girl!

073 RSWM

happy jax
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
- Until tomorrow


  1. What a sweetie pie! Love his curly hair. Great shots as always.

  2. Sleepy baby pictures are the best!

  3. beautiful captures!! he is just adorable!!

  4. His full head of curly hair is just amazing! What great images you were able to obtain.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  5. BEAUTIFUL shots. I love the focus you put on just him and letting the rest be blurry. And the last picture of your little one is precious!

  6. Ok... first off Jakey is SOOO crazy adorable! I can't pick a fav, but I love the little drool bug shots, & the sweet little smile one... & the sleeping Jakey one.. kinda LOVE em all! AND then there was Alvia... She wins the most amazing magical hair award. You do the best job capturing your sweet girl my friend. She is going to be so thankful to have those to look back on!

    Hey did I ever tell you I added your button to my sidebar? Well, I did quite a while ago! Just cause I love ya!)

  7. Jakey is too cute- great captures of him. My god daughter's name is Bianca :) - Love it!

  8. Beautiful shots! I can never get enough of baby cheeks ;)

  9. Such gorgeous shots! What a beautiful baby...just love those cheeks and that curly hair! Also, love the shot of Alivia looking at her Nana...she is just so precious. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

  10. Oh my goodness- Cuteness OVERLOAD! Your daughter sure is lucky to have her grandmother in her daily life- what a blessing.

  11. Aaww! His eyes are so expressive. How cute.


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