July 18, 2012

Do you want to be button buddies?

I think this is such a great idea and was wondering if you’d like to swap buttons with me?  You know, I’ll post your button in my sidebar and you do the same for me!  A little like scratching each others back I guess!  If you are interested, feel free to email me and we can discuss.  You an find my email button in my sidebar at the top of my page.  My buttons are readily available on my buttons page in a variety of sizes so I’m sure you will find a size that works best for your bloggy site.  If, however, you need a different size just let me know so that I can customize to your request.  Just be sure to contact me first so that I can grab your button as well!  Okay, so there is my request.  Out there for all to see.  I guess I’ll just sit back and remain hopeful that someone will want to be button buddies with me!

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m feeling like it’s a piggy toe kind of day!  I mean, who doesn’t love piggy toes right?  These are some of my vacation pictures from Cape Cod!  I actually didn’t take too many this time around, but I’ll definitely have more to share at some point. 

These pictures are especially exciting to me because they are a reminder that by the end of the vacation we got Alivia to take off her shoes and run around bare foot!  She still doesn’t like the sand, but at least we got her to enjoy the grass on her tootsies!  She was having a ball just running around and chasing Daddy and her cousin, Alex!  She was just too cute!

I’m linking this first photo up to Shoot. Edit. Submit. over at Mom Tried It!

152 RSWM
153 RSWM
161 RSWM
162 RSWM
When I first saw this next shot I loved it but something about it was a little too harsh for me.  I think it was the BIG contrast between the light areas and the shaded areas.  Normally I like this look as it adds interest and drama to a photo but something about the light was making me cringe.  After playing around in PSE, I think I made it better.  I thought I was going to have to lighten some of the shadows but instead adjusted the midtone contrast and voila.  It also was too orangey for me so I used an action from Paint the Moon to remove the orangey/red tones (but only a little).  I also lightened the entire picture a bit. 
193 RSWM with more red


  1. You are literally on my list (I have a handwritten list on my desk in front of me here) of people I want to contact about Button Swaps!

  2. Awww. Sweet photos. If you want to swap with me go here and look at the small size. I have a coupon code. :) http://sarahhalstead.com/advertising-information/

  3. Great job on the edit! I would love to swap buttons!

  4. Thanks for your comment! Gorgeous photos! I would love to be Button Buddies if you'll have me! Will e mail you. x

  5. love your edits!! you have one beautiful model!! i need to design a button... this is such a great idea to swap them!!

  6. yes count me in for the button swap.... uhm once i create one ... that is on my list of things to do soon - I'll let you know once I have one ...
    and the piggy pictures.... love them - I am in love with baby feet- so adorable!!


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