August 21, 2013

Princess party decor!

Last weekend we had a party for Alivia’s 3rd birthday!  I still can’t believe my baby turned 3!  It seems like yesterday I was holding an infant in my arms mesmerized by my doe eyed girl looking curiously back at me!  I remember her blinking slowly until they became fewer and far between and the next thing I knew she had drifted off to asleep.  I didn’t think anything could top those moments of mother daughter bonding as I held her close to my chest and watched her for hours.  It was then I realized I was truly happy!

Yet each day she continues to amaze me. And although I try to prepare myself for the milestones, accomplishments, efforts, silliness, passion, curiosity, and everything else she has grown to be in the last 3 years, I realize it’s an impossible and unrealistic task.  And I’m okay with that.  In fact, I’ve come to love the spontaneity of it all!

About a month before Alivia’s birthday I had her go online with me to pick a cake.  Initially she picked out Mickey Mouse but it wasn’t long before she spotted Dora and Boots that poor ol’ Mickey Mouse became a distant memory!  I was surprised by her choice since she doesn’t watch Dora on television all that much (well, that and the fact that we decided on a princess theme party the week before).  Ah kids; you got to love ‘em!

Livi's 3rd Dora Birthday Party

Since I already had some great princess themed décor picked out, that we didn’t end up needing, I figured I’d share them with you today in case you have a princess in the family too!


Princess Theme Birthday Party Decor

1. Polk-a-dot Castle Cake (I only have the image from Flickr but no information about the cake; I love it though)!
Princess Party Cup
3. Damask Pink Large Round Party Plate
4. Party Favor Containers (I don’t have the source for this image either, but they were too pretty not to include)!
Pretty princess tissue paper tassel
6. Princess party decorated sugar cookies 
7. Centerpiece and tablescape by Ellen Bessette

If you missed my previous post, We can all benefit from eye exercises; especially our children, feel free to catch up!  I included an Intermittent Exotropia update on Alivia as well!

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  1. Wow, that cake was amazing and Happy 3rd Birthday to Alivia. Lily turns 3 in November and still can't believe that either. Thank you for sharing the princess decorations and so going to have to look into for Lily now!! :)

  2. Happy birthday Alivia! My daughter's 2nd birthday theme will be princess. I still have six months to go but I'm already getting excited. Lol

  3. Oooooh - that is the most gorgeous Dora cake! Lovely photos.


  4. You know we have a princess in my family! Beautiful, beautiful photos - just totally professional and authentic.

  5. So cute! I love her birthday cake!!! Looks like it was a beautiful party!

  6. I just stumbled across your blog from the Blog Hop at and have enjoyed reading it so far. Your daughter's Dora cake is amazing! I also appreciate the Princess ideas, as I have a daughter. Thanks!

  7. OMG love love love that cake and the decor is so nice. Stopping over from SITS

  8. Love tht dora cake......also in love with those favor boxes in the princess themed ideas any idea where to get them?


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