October 1, 2012

Quarterly Top 5 – July, August, and September!

I can’t believe it’s that time again!  That time to post your quarterly favorites for July, August, and September!  This is such an incredibly difficult task for me.  Fun, but difficult!  I have so many favorites it’s hard to narrow it down to only five especially when it comes to my baby!  Okay, so here I go…

These first two are from July.
Livi’s profile is my absolute favorite!
I’m using the first photo for my submission.
As much as I love her little pout, I’m just in love with the crop in the first image!
060 RSWM 12063 RSWM
I had to include the image below!
These are Livi’s diva glasses!
I call them this because they are bigger than her head!
I love the harshness of this black and white conversion too!
Oh, and did I mention the pig tails?
Need I say more?
How freakin’ cute right?
3396 RSWM
What can I say about this next shot?
I love the serious look she is giving me as her Nana kisses her cheek!

092 RSWM

When I took this next shot I had no idea it was going to come out this cute!
Usually I like a little more dimension to my images, but there is just something about this shot that works!
I love the color and texture of the rope against her face too!

3645 RSWM2

I chose this next shot because of the half smile on her face.
She’s looking at her cousin Anna!

039 RSWM


  1. Girl, I love all of these, but the diva in the sunglasses is my fave ;)

  2. Oh my, your little girl is so sweet! Love the shot of her in her shades...too cute! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw.

  3. you have such a beautiful little lady! love you shots.

  4. I love those lashes. She is such a diva with the sunglasses!

  5. Loving these shots. I had a hard time narrowing down to just five too. It's even harder when you have 2 kids to choose from! LOL

  6. These are all beautiful!! Lively work ;)

  7. I love the shot of her with her oversized glasses. Soo cute! This summer was a summer for sunglasses here too! I think I bought like 10 of them from childrens place when they were on sale for 1.99! I love little girls in sunglasses. Too cute! :)
    And I do love the rope shot too! Sooo adorable! I like the composition on that one.

  8. I love your little diva in those sunglasses.


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