September 12, 2013

The many uses of the Origami box - make one yourself!

If you’re a regular over here at Cropped Stories, I bet you read my post title and are thinking this is random.  Yes, it is unlike the usual topics I cover over here, but I felt the need to share something creative and artsy with you today!  With that said, I have a little secret to tell you… 

I like to dabble in the creative world of Origami.  In fact, I published a post in August of last year, Getting my craft on, showing off some of my work.  I was so excited with my creations that I had to share them with my readers!  And being that it was my first attempt at the craft, I was  especially proud of myself!  I was surprised how addicting it was and have been doing it sporadically throughout the year.  When I first started, I was addicted to making pinwheels and flowers.  They were the perfect party décor for my toddler’s 2nd birthday!



In addition to the pinwheels and flowers, I also made boxes.  At Alivia’s party, they served as containers for finger foods and candies like M & M’s, jellybeans, and peanuts.  Today, you’ll find them in rooms like my office, kitchen, and bathroom.  When made with card stock, I find they hold up better and last longer especially for little fingers that frequent them often for hair elastics, bows, and barrettes!  Other uses of the origami box are:

  • for office supplies such as paper and binder clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands, etc.
  • for beauty supplies such as make up sponges, Q-tips, and cotton balls.
  • for hair accessories such as elastics, barrettes, bows, and clips.
  • for finger foods such as candy, peanuts, small cookies, and anything else you can think up!
How to make Origami Boxes via Cropped Stories

Want to learn how to make them?

Instead of providing a step by step tutorial, I thought it would be easier to direct you to, specifically for this tutorial so that you could learn how to make them.  Prefer a video?  They have that too!  Of course, I did find this step by step tutorial on My Personal Accent which I would suggest checking out.  It’s a different box than the one I am posting today, but it is just as beautiful.  In fact, Angela’s gift box contains a cover (pretty snazzy if you ask me)!

To make a box of your own, you’ll need paper or card stock.  The other supply recommendations below are optional.

Supply Recommendations:

  • square shaped paper or card stock (just make sure it isn’t too thick or you may have a difficult time making the folds)
  • a pair of scissors (the handle can be used for creating hard creases)
  • a camera (so you can share your creations with me of course!)

I found your best value to be paper pads instead of individual sheets, assuming you’ll have other uses for the paper.  If you decide on the single sheets, remember to buy extra pieces in case you don’t make them right the first time. 

Some stores to purchase paper that are both affordable and have a great selection are


Before I leave you, have you guys met Marlys over at This and That?  In addition to photography, she has a HUGE love for cooking.  Speaking of dabbling, Marlys dabbles in West African Cuisine!  You can find some delicious recipes on her site accompanied by some mouth watering photographs.  A post Marlys is particularly proud of is: Goat soup you say?  She realizes it’s an acquired taste, but it’s one of the first posts she published!

Goat Soup via This and That

Want to connect with Marlys?  Feel free to

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  4. Oh I love oragami and these boxes are great for organization! Very nice!

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